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19-year-old admits to throwing her newborn baby in a hospital trash bag

By Sarah May on
 May 21, 2023

A tragic story that unfolded in New Mexico earlier this year was brought to life in video footage that emerged this week which showed a teenage girl admitting that she gave birth to a baby in a hospital bathroom before placing the infant in a trashcan to die, as the Daily Mail reports.

The incident involving Alexee Trevizo, now 19, took place at Artesia General Hospital in late January, and as a result, she is now facing a charge of first-degree murder, or – in the alternative – a charge of intentional abuse of a child resulting in death and another count of evidence tampering.

Tragedy Unfolds in New Mexico

As the New York Post explains, Trevizo is said to have arrived at the hospital on January 27 complaining of lower back pain, and a subsequent test indicated that not only was she pregnant, but she was also in labor.

It was at that point that the teenager went to the restroom and locked herself in for a notable period of time.

Eventually, doctors convinced the girl to open the door, and at that point, they noticed her attempting to clean a large volume of blood from the floor.

Though the staff initially suspected that Trevizo had harmed herself as a means to end the pregnancy, a nurse subsequently noticed that the garbage bag in the bathroom was unusually heavy, and that is when a deceased male infant was found.

Jarring Footage Revealed

The recently released police bodycam footage shows the dramatic moments in which Trevizo is called to account for the grisly discovery, something which sent her mother into a state of shock and panic.

“We discovered a dead baby in the bathroom,” one of the hospital's doctors informed Trevino, as the video reveals.

Trevizo replied, “I'm sorry, it came out of me, and I didn't know what to do...I was just scared, it was not crying or nothing.”

The teen girl's mother frantically demanded that her daughter answer the question, “What did you do? What did you do to it?”

Investigation Commenced

Though the physicians first took steps to stabilize Trevizo's condition, given that she was still bleeding profusely, one of the doctors present in the room added, “I'm sorry about this, but in terms of delivering a baby and it looked like you tried to hide it, we do have to have the police involved.”

The doctor continued, “The baby is going to have to be taken for autopsy and there will be an investigator and everything.”

After Trevizo's mother was informed that the dead baby was full-term, she exclaimed, “Lexi, have you watched the news, about what the girls do to their babies, and they go to jail?”

At that point, the teen began to cry, and she was informed that detectives were en route to interview her and that she was being formally detained at the hospital.

Charges Filed

Authorities issued the aforementioned charges against Trevizo on May 10, though she has since been released from custody pending trial, as Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT reports.

Trevizo will be permitted to finish the school year without any restrictions such as an ankle monitor or house arrest, according to the Mail.

The teen's lawyer, Gary Mitchell, contends that his client has no criminal history whatsoever and should not have been charged with murder, further claiming that “major discrepancies about what happened” make this case different from a “classic child abuse case.”

Though the outcome of this particular case remains to be seen, a similar scenario in New Mexico involving a 19-year-old's decision to throw a live newborn in a dumpster resulted in a 16-year prison sentence being handed down earlier this month, potentially raising the stakes significantly for Trevizo.