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Aaron Rodgers helped off the field after being injured minutes into his Jets debut

 September 12, 2023

The New York Jets are concerned that star QB Aaron Rodgers might miss the rest of the season due to an injury to his left ankle, possibly a torn Achilles tendon, after being tackled by Leonard Floyd of the Buffalo Bills in a rocky start to his tenure with the team.

Rodgers' debut with his new squad was cut short just minutes into the game. He's scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday to determine the extent of the injury and its possible impact on his season, as the Daily Mail reported.

While initial X-rays didn't reveal the extent of potential damage, Coach Robert Saleh expressed concern, suspecting an Achilles injury and raising doubts about Rodgers' return this season.

Jets Triumph Despite Setback

The Jets did manage to capture a thrilling victory at home against the Buffalo Bills, despite the on-field drama.

Xavier Gipson's overtime 65-yard punt return touchdown electrified MetLife Stadium. However, earlier in the game, the atmosphere was somber after Rodgers' unexpected departure.

Trying to evade Floyd, Rodgers' left foot seemed to get caught in the turf, leading to the injury. He was soon replaced by Zach Wilson at a mere 3:45 into the contest.

The rest of the NFL watched in shock as Rodgers, visibly in distress, was promptly escorted to the stadium's medical facilities.

By halftime, Saleh had announced, "He's dealing with an ankle issue, we're getting it checked out and we'll have an update."

The Weight of Expectation

The anticipation surrounding Rodgers' transfer to the Jets had been palpable throughout the off-season, reaching fever pitch in the hours leading up to Monday's match.

This enthusiasm was accompanied by a heavy thunderstorm that drenched the New York--New Jersey area just two hours before kickoff.

Despite these challenging conditions, Rodgers began the game composed, even acknowledging celebrity Jake Paul among the fans in attendance.

Rodgers' early exit from the game left fans and teammates in disbelief, especially given his central role in the 9/11 tributes commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the terror attacks.

The famed quarterback marched onto the field, proudly holding the American flag, embodying the hopes of many fans for the upcoming season.

As Rodgers left the field, a visibly overwhelmed Coach Saleh struggled to realign his focus on the remainder of the game. With the Dallas Cowboys game up next on the Jets' schedule, it now seems unlikely that Rodgers will be fit to play.

The Internet was ablaze with speculation regarding the nature of Rodgers' injury. ProFootballDoc, a popular online pundit account, theorized that Rodgers might have torn his Achilles tendon based on how his foot lodged into the ground. Such an injury typically requires a 4–6-month recovery period.

Contract with the Jets

After negotiating his latest contract in July, Rodgers assured fans that he wasn't planning just a brief stint with the team.

Rodgers' newly restructured deal, providing him with a guaranteed $75 million over the next two seasons, is a substantial reduction from his previous $110 million contract with the Green Bay Packers.