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ABC medical expert says there are things missing from Biden’s medical report

By Samuel Lee
March 2, 2024

ABC News' chief medical correspondent expressed concerns over missing elements in President Biden's health report.

During a recent appearance on "The View," ABC News' chief medical correspondent raised eyebrows. Noticeable gaps in President Biden's publicly released medical report were found. The discussion comes at a time when the President's health is under intense scrutiny, especially given his bid for a second term in 2024, as the Fox News reported.

Medical expert weighs in on presidential health report

Dr. Jennifer Ashton refrained from making a definitive assessment about President Biden's fitness for office. Moreover, she pointed out that the physical examination report lacked critical components. Typically, these are  included in such evaluations.

Ashton's comments have sparked a broader conversation about transparency. Furthermore, these have touched thoroughness of health disclosures for individuals in high office.

Ashton emphasized the absence of a cognitive exam and a mental health evaluation in the report.

As a whole, these omissions are notable. Physical exams have comprehensive nature. In fact,  these usually include a broad review of an individual's health. Moreso,  neurological and psychological aspects are included.

Despite these gaps, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, who conducted Biden's physical, declared the President "fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency." This assertion, however, has not quelled public curiosity and concern about the specifics of the President's health.

Questions about the President's physical capabilities have been further fueled by observations of his gait. Nevertheless, some have described as stiff.

The White House has countered these concerns. Biden's active engagement in his presidential duties are emphasized. His interactions with world leaders are highlighted as well.

Scrutiny over cognitive tests and physical capabilities

The White House's decision to forego a cognitive test as part of the President's examination has added to this debate.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended this choice. She cited the President's daily activities and decision-making processes as evidence of his cognitive abilities.

Ashton's remarks on "The View" reflect a broader concern among health professionals. These enlighten the public about the adequacy of health reporting for individuals in critical leadership positions. The discussion underscores the balance between privacy and the public's right to be informed about the health of their leaders.

"I am not his physician, but again, he does have a qualified physician, and it was a thorough report, but something is missing," Ashton stated, encapsulating the sentiment of cautious skepticism that has emerged in response to the recent health report.

Public reaction and the demand for transparency

The conversation around President Biden's health report is part of a larger dialogue. Therefore, transparency in the health disclosures of public officials is emphasized.

The absence of certain examinations from the public report raises questions about what information is deemed necessary. As a matter of fact, this is for public disclosure and what remains confidential.

Ashton's comments, while not an outright critique, serve as a reminder of the importance of comprehensive health evaluations, especially for individuals whose health directly impacts national and global affairs. The debate continues as the public seeks reassurance about the health and capability of their leaders.

The discourse surrounding the President's health report highlights the intersection of medical ethics, public interest, and political transparency. As the 2024 election approaches, the health of candidates, particularly those of advanced age, remains a topic of significant interest and concern.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton's background as ABC News' chief medical correspondent and her role on "Good Morning America" lend her opinions particular weight in public discussions about health and medicine.


  • ABC News' chief medical correspondent highlighted gaps in President Biden's health report.
  • The absence of a cognitive exam and mental health evaluation raises questions about the report's comprehensiveness.
  • Debate over the adequacy of health disclosures for public officials underscores the need for transparency.
  • The role of medical professionals in public discourse is crucial for informed public understanding.
  • The health of presidential candidates remains a significant public concern as elections approach.