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Alabama AG calls for investigation after Biden reversed Space Command location decision

 August 22, 2023

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has raised concerns over President Joe Biden's decision to relocate the Space Command headquarters from Huntsville to Colorado.

In a recent development Marshall, called for an in-depth investigation into President Biden's decision to reverse the location of the Space Command headquarters. The initial decision, made on Jan. 13, 2021, named Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, as the preferred location for the Space Command’s headquarters. This decision came after a rigorous two-year vetting process, Fox News reported.

Factors favoring Huntsville as the ideal location

Marshall highlighted that the Air Force had evaluated six potential locations for the headquarters. The agency's assessment was based on mission-related factors, infrastructure capacity, community support, and costs to the Department of Defense. Among these, Huntsville emerged as the most favored.

Furthermore, multiple independent reviews by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General's office confirmed Huntsville as the best-suited location. The DOD IG's team, comprising 20 members, found the Air Force's selection process to be lawful.

However, in a surprising turn of events on July 31, 2023, it was reported that President Biden had reversed this decision. Instead of Huntsville, a location in Colorado was chosen for the Space Command’s headquarters.

General Dickinson's role in reversal

News reports credited General James Dickinson with influencing President Biden's choice of Colorado over Huntsville.

This revelation was unexpected, especially since the U.S. Space Command commander had previously confirmed to Alabama's congressional delegation that the headquarters rightly belonged in Huntsville.

Marshall pointed out a potential conflict of interest. He revealed that General Dickinson had registered a deed for a $1.5 million ranch near the proposed Colorado headquarters location in April 2023.

This purchase was not disclosed to Alabama officials when Dickinson was advocating for Huntsville.

Marshall expressed uncertainty over whether General Dickinson had informed President Biden or other superiors about his personal interests in the Colorado site.

Concerns over the decision-making process

The Alabama AG also highlighted that the GAO had consistently found Huntsville to be the highest scoring location throughout the decision-making process.

Yet, last month, President Biden informed the Department of Defense that the U.S. Space Command headquarters would remain in Colorado. This decision rejected former President Donald Trump's push to shift operations to Alabama.

Marshall questioned the influence of General Dickinson’s "fundamental changes" on the scoring process. He also expressed concerns about the potential expenditure of taxpayer money to implement these changes during the decision-making process.

Additionally, Marshall brought up allegations that other "improper factors" might have influenced the decision.

Some government officials reportedly believed that the White House would not move the Space Command's headquarters to Alabama due to partisan concerns about the state's abortion law.

Call for transparency and further investigation

Marshall emphasized the need for transparency to understand the factors that led to the reversal of the decision to locate the Space Command's headquarters in Huntsville.

He concluded his letter by urging the relevant offices to investigate the process that led to the selection of the Colorado location.

However, a DOD IG spokesperson informed Fox News Digital that officials there had not officially received the letter.

Elizabeth Field from the GAO also clarified their stance on the matter, stating that their review had assessed the Air Force's selection process from December 2018 to January 2021.

She mentioned that while the initial selection of Huntsville was consistent with the Air Force’s analysis, there were significant shortfalls in its transparency and credibility.

As of now, the U.S. Space Command’s headquarters will remain in Colorado Springs. This decision is believed to ensure peak readiness in the space domain during a crucial period.


  • Alabama's Attorney General has called for an investigation into the reversal of the Space Command headquarters location.
  • Initial decisions had favored Huntsville, Alabama, as the ideal location.
  • General James Dickinson's influence and potential conflict of interest have been highlighted.
  • Concerns have been raised about the decision-making process and potential external influences.
  • There is a call for greater transparency and further investigation into the matter.