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Alleged child predator Ashleigh Watts arrested, husband says she is a serial cheater and pedophile

 September 10, 2023

Wife and mother Ashleigh Watts has been labeled a serial cheat and "pedophile b***h" by her husband, Andy Watts, due to allegations of improper relations with a minor.

Ashleigh Watts, 38, faces multiple charges and is accused of abusing twin teenage boys who live across the street in Chesapeake, Virginia, as the Daily Mail reported.

The Tipping Point

Earlier this year, Andy's trust in his wife shattered when he encountered Ashleigh in a compromising situation with a 15-year-old boy. This discovery led to his swift departure from their family home, priced around $500,000, and immediate action to safeguard their children from Ashleigh. The couple's children are 11 and 13 years old.

In divorce documents, Andy alleges his wife's involvement with another man just days before the unsettling encounter with the teenager. As a defense, Watts claims Andy mistreated her, destroying her belongings and calling her a "psychotic b***h" and a "c*m dumpster."

While Andy denies using certain derogatory remakes, he acknowledges labeling his wife a "pedophile b***h."

A Crumbling Persona

Before her arrest, Ashleigh Watts seemed to have a picturesque family life, sharing cheerful family trips to places like Disney World and bonding moments on TikTok. But this idyllic facade dramatically changed on a particular evening in February, a development marked by a police report outlining Andy's discovery of Ashleigh with one of the teen twins from the neighborhood.

This teen later admitted to his parents about his involvement with Ashleigh, including drug use and unprotected sexual encounters since the previous summer.

Another disturbing event followed when the boy went missing and was subsequently found in Ashleigh's bedroom, leading to her arrest on child abuse charges.

Rising Suspicions and Allegations

Andy's court filings pinpoint his rising apprehensions about Ashleigh's behavior starting last summer, marked by her secretive phone habits and irregular sleep schedule. Her digital interactions, particularly on Snapchat, with young boys from their locality also raised his eyebrows. Andy further detailed how Ashleigh distanced herself even in their shared bed.

Furthermore, Andy accuses Ashleigh of having an affair with one of the teen twins alongside another unidentified individual referred to as "BW."

Ashleigh firmly denies these allegations and instead points fingers at Andy's aggressive and domineering behavior. She further accuses Andy of launching a smear campaign against her, enlisting neighbors in spreading derogatory claims about her actions.

Ongoing Court Battle

In recent legal filings, Andy denies some of the allegations made by his wife, particularly about his use of derogatory terms in front of their children. While the legal proceedings continue, Ashleigh remains on house arrest at her father's residence. Despite facing potential incarceration, she was spotted seeming carefree and in high spirits.

When approached for a comment, Ashleigh's father initially denied her presence, later dismissing all allegations as fabrications.

Meanwhile, Andy has relocated with the children to Virginia Beach, petitioning the court for primary custody and rights to their family home.

The Fallout

Following her initial charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Ashleigh's legal troubles deepened with her arrest on felony counts of indecency with a minor. She's slated for a court appearance in October.

The twins involved in the case have been provided with counseling. Their distraught parents even displayed a banner openly condemning Ashleigh's alleged actions, stating, "Pedophiles are not people."

Reflecting on the shocking developments, the twins' father voiced disbelief, saying: "You read about stuff like this in the tabloids, but you never think it could happen to your own family."