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American-Venezuelan socialite found guilty in connection to murder of CT mom

By Stew Davidson
March 2, 2024

Michelle Troconis, a 49-year-old American-Venezuelan socialite, has been convicted of conspiring to murder Jennifer Dulos, a missing mother from Connecticut.

As the guilty verdict was announced on Friday morning, Troconis broke down, sitting with her head in her hands.

She was found guilty on all six counts, including conspiracy to commit murder and tampering with evidence related to the disappearance of the mother of five in May 2019, as the Daily Mail reported.

The Case Background

Jennifer Dulos disappeared amid a tumultuous divorce from Fotis Dulos, Troconis' romantic partner, who faced murder charges of his own but took his own life before his trial could proceed.

The prosecution argued that Troconis was complicit in disposing of Jennifer's body following her murder by Fotis.

This case has been shrouded in mystery and speculation, primarily because Jennifer's body has yet to be discovered.

Evidence and Trial

The trial began in early January and unveiled a series of chilling details and evidence.

Surveillance footage from the day of Jennifer's disappearance showed Troconis alongside Fotis, disposing of garbage bags.

Those bags were later found to contain Jennifer's blood-stained clothing and other items linked to both Jennifer and Fotis.

This footage became a pivotal piece of evidence in the trial, pointing to Troconis' involvement in the aftermath of the crime.

Jurors were presented with graphic images of blood spatter found in Jennifer's home and her abandoned Chevrolet Suburban, painting a gruesome picture of the crime scene.

Testimonies from law enforcement officers highlighted the extent of the cleanup attempt, further implicating Troconis in the case.

The amount of blood evidence suggested a violent end for Jennifer, leading to the judge declaring her officially deceased during the ongoing trial.

The Fallout

Troconis, once a well-known ESPN host in South America, had been living with Fotis and her daughter in the Dulos family home in Farmington, Connecticut.

Following Jennifer's disappearance, Troconis provided conflicting accounts to the police, initially claiming ignorance about the contents of the bags disposed of on the day Jennifer went missing.

Further investigation revealed "the alibi scripts," documents that Troconis and Fotis drafted to account for their whereabouts on the day of the disappearance, conspicuously omitting the time spent disposing of the bags.

Troconis now faces up to 50 years in prison, with sentencing scheduled for May 31.