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Appeals Court Overturns Reality Star Julie Chrisley's Criminal Sentence

 June 23, 2024

The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit vacated Julie Chrisley's sentence in a high-profile federal fraud case involving her and her husband, Todd Chrisley, while upholding their convictions for tax evasion and bank fraud.

The appellate court's decision marks a significant development in the Chrisleys' legal saga, particularly the sentence faced by Julie Chrisley, as Fox 5 in Atlanta reports.

The Chrisleys, known for their reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best, were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud in 2022. Their accountant, Peter Tarantino, was also convicted. The case drew widespread attention due to the couple's celebrity status and the serious nature of the charges.

Julie Chrisley's Sentence Vacated

On Friday, the Eleventh Circuit vacated Julie Chrisley's sentence. The court found that there was insufficient evidence to connect her to financial losses incurred before 2007. This decision does not absolve her of guilt but rather indicates that the evidence presented did not adequately demonstrate her involvement in those specific losses.

The case has been remanded back to the district court for resentencing. This means the district court will reassess Julie Chrisley's involvement and determine the appropriate sentence based on her specific actions and the financial losses linked to her.

Convictions Against Chrisleys, Accountant Upheld

Despite vacating Julie Chrisley's sentence, the appellate court upheld the convictions for tax evasion and bank fraud against both Todd and Julie Chrisley and their accountant, Peter Tarantino. These convictions stem from a complex scheme that involved falsifying documents to secure bank loans and evading taxes over several years.

The court's decision underscores the seriousness of the charges and the strength of the evidence against the Chrisleys and their accountant. The appellate court's ruling indicates that the lower court's findings were largely correct, except in the case of the specific financial losses attributed to Julie Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley's Reaction

Following the court's decision, Savannah Chrisley, daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley, shared her thoughts on Instagram. She acknowledged the mixed nature of the ruling, noting that while the outcome was not entirely favorable, there was a positive aspect in Julie Chrisley's sentence being vacated.

"We got the opinion back on the appeal, it didn't necessarily go as we had hoped, but we do have a little win," Savannah Chrisley wrote. This reaction reflects the complex emotions surrounding the appellate court's decision.

Reality TV Stars' Legal Troubles

The Chrisleys' legal troubles have been a significant departure from their on-screen personas. Chrisley Knows Best portrays the family as wealthy and glamorous, with Todd Chrisley often seen as a strict but loving father. The reality of their financial dealings, as revealed in court, has been starkly different.

The convictions for tax evasion and bank fraud have brought intense scrutiny and public interest. The appellate court's decision to vacate Julie Chrisley's sentence adds another layer to this ongoing legal drama.

Next Steps in the Legal Process

With the case remanded back to the district court, the next steps will involve a detailed reassessment of Julie Chrisley's involvement in the fraudulent activities. The district court will need to carefully examine the evidence to determine an appropriate sentence that accurately reflects her role and the financial losses she caused.

This process may take some time, as both the prosecution and defense will likely present additional arguments and evidence. The outcome will significantly impact Julie Chrisley's future, as it will determine the severity of her punishment.

Broader Implications of the Ruling

The appellate court's ruling has broader implications for similar cases involving complex financial crimes. It highlights the importance of clear and convincing evidence in linking defendants to specific financial losses. This decision may influence how future cases are prosecuted and how evidence is presented in court.

The Chrisleys' case also underscores the challenges of prosecuting high-profile individuals who have significant public followings. The intense media coverage and public interest add layers of complexity to the legal proceedings.


The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit's decision to vacate Julie Chrisley's sentence while upholding the convictions against her, Todd Chrisley, and their accountant marks a significant development in this high-profile case.

The ruling underscores the importance of clear evidence in financial fraud cases and sets the stage for further legal proceedings as the district court reassesses Julie Chrisley's involvement. The Chrisleys' legal saga continues to captivate public interest, highlighting the stark contrast between their on-screen personas and the reality of their financial dealings.

This ruling emphasizes the need for meticulous evidence in financial crime prosecutions and reflects the ongoing complexities of the Chrisleys' legal battles. The remand for resentencing will determine the final outcome for Julie Chrisley, as the court delves deeper into her specific role in the fraudulent activities.