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Backstreet Boys vocalist accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl in 2003

 September 2, 2023

Nick Carter, member of the famed pop group the Backstreet Boys, has strenuously denied accusations of sexual misconduct in a lawsuit recently filed in Las Vegas.

This lawsuit relates to an incident that allegedly took place in 2003 on a yacht. The accuser, identified as "A.R.," alleges that at 15 years of age, she was involved in non-consensual acts with Carter, then 23, after he plied her with intoxicating substances, as the Daily Mail reported.

Allegations and Legal Filing

According to court documents, the accuser claims Carter told her to stay quiet about one of the incidents and that during another, he provided her with drugs and alcohol.

Further, she alleges that he invited three men to observe the assault from an external window on the yacht.

She added that despite her multiple refusals, Carter persisted in his conduct. After the events at issue, she was reportedly mocked by the three men who confirmed they had witnessed the incident. A.R. also mentioned contracting HPV from Carter.

In reaction to her daughter's account of what occurred, A.R.'s mother reported the alleged crimes to authorities in Southern York County, Pennsylvania.

The legal team representing A.R. has highlighted the immense psychological and physical suffering she has endured as a result of Carter's actions. They are seeking damages amounting to $15,000 and have also alleged a history of harassment on the part of the Backstreet Boys.

Carter's Defense

Carter's lawyer, Dale Hayes Jr., responded by stating that while they acknowledge A.R.'s recent filing, the lawsuit will enable the legal team to address the accusations collectively.

Hayes noted that these claims had been thoroughly investigated by law enforcement near the time they are said to have occurred and were found to lack merit. He stressed that reiterating these allegations in a new lawsuit doesn't make them accurate.

Hayes conveyed Carter's eagerness to see the evidence presented and the truth revealed.

Previous Allegations and Legal Battles

Recently, a Las Vegas judge granted permission for a countersuit filed by Carter against Melissa Schuman, a former singer, to proceed. Carter had taken legal action in response to a suit Schuman filed alleging an assault in 2002.

Schuman had claimed that Carter had coerced her into engaging in sexual activities, even though she had expressed her desire to remain celibate until marriage.

Carter's attorney, Liane K. Wakayama, commented that Schuman, along with her father Jerome, had been involved in a deliberate campaign against Carter to profit from false claims. Although Schuman had previously reported the alleged incident to the Santa Monica Police Department in 2018, prosecutors decided not to proceed.

Earlier this year, in her lawsuit against Carter, Schuman referenced a new California bill that would potentially allow her case to bypass the statute of limitations.

In a separate but related matter, Carter has filed a lawsuit for $2.3 million against Shannon Ruth, another accuser, naming Schuman as allegedly guiding Ruth in an extortion scheme, as TMZ reported.

Carter's legal team has asserted that Schuman's previous allegations were unfounded.

Ruth, who identifies as autistic and suffers from cerebral palsy, had accused Carter of intoxicating and assaulting her in 2001 when she was 17. Carter, however, has contended that this claim is baseless, stating he can produce 12 witnesses who can attest to its implausibility.