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Biden attacked for lying about his house fire

 September 1, 2023

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden faced a wave of criticism from social media users after he paralleled a minor fire incident that once occurred at his residence with the profound devastation of natural disasters in Hawaii and the ongoing Hurricane Idalia in Florida, as Fox News reported.

Social media platforms buzzed with accusations of the president seeming to make the catastrophe about his own experience, and some believed he grossly exaggerated the extent of the damage his house underwent.

The President's House Fire: Narrative and Reality

There was a notable effort from several users to set the record straight. They highlighted that the fire emergency response at the Biden residence was restricted mainly to the kitchen.

Biden's claims stand in stark contrast to the harrowing events in Hawaii, where historic wildfires have tragically claimed the lives of over 100 residents.

During his address on the ongoing relief and recovery missions in Maui, Biden also touched upon Florida as it faces the fallout from Hurricane Idalia.

The president tried to draw a parallel between the natural calamities and a past event where lightning reportedly ignited a fire in his home.

As President Biden explained, that incident supposedly led to him and his family being displaced for over six months due to necessary repair work.

He emphasized the severity by adding, "Half the house almost collapsed."

Conservative Voices Raise Questions

The conservative contingent on social media platforms did not take kindly to the president's words.

Many sought to provide a clear picture of the actual events that transpired at the Biden residence.

Jake Schneider, the GOP's rapid response director, expressed his disbelief at the president's narrative, saying, "You gotta be kidding me."

Meanwhile, conservative commentator Matt Whitlock lamented Biden's repeated attempts to compare personal incidents with large-scale tragedies.

To make his point, Whitlock reminded readers of a recent incident where Biden made a similar comparison during a visit to Hawaii's disaster-stricken areas, stating that a house fire almost cost him his wife, his car, and his cat.

Fact-checkers were quick to respond. Elias Atienza, a reporter from "Check Your Fact," highlighted a previous report that debunked the president's recounting of the house fire.

Atienza's shared article pointed out, "This story, while containing an element of truth, embellishes what actually occurred. The fire, which was caused by lightning, was contained to the kitchen and was under control within 20 minutes, according to a 2004 Associated Press report."

Steve Guest, a former communications staffer for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), joined the conversation, pointing out, "Joe Biden is lying about his kitchen fire… again."

To back his statement, Guest shared an excerpt from another article that depicted a much more controlled scenario than the one described by the president, stating that the fire was confined only to the kitchen and was promptly managed by firefighters upon their arrival.