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Biden becomes incoherent in fiery speech on abortion

By Stew Davidson
January 25, 2024

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended President Joe Biden's Tuesday speech in Virginia on abortion, referring to it as "fiery," despite the president's stumble during the speech and the frequent interruptions by protesters concerning his administration's handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Her response came as she faced questions from multiple reporters about whether Biden was "frustrated" that he couldn't deliver the speech as intended and whether he anticipated more protests at future public events, as Fox News reported.

Jean-Pierre said, "The president, from my view — and I think your colleagues have written about this — it was a fiery speech. It was a deeply, deeply impactful speech."

"You heard how the crowd reacted to the speech. It was a speech that I think landed in the way that talked about how this president, and his entire administration, is going to fight for women," she went on.

The press secretary further stated that the Biden administration holds the belief that Americans need to express their opinions, provided that such expressions are conducted peacefully.

She went on to declare the administration's respect for this principle.

Stumble Sparks Age Criticism

Despite Jean-Pierre's assertions, Biden faced criticism on social media for a moment during the speech, where he stumbled through a nearly incoherent line about former President Donald Trump and women in America.

The president said, "We'll teach Donald Trump a valuable lesson: Don't mess with the women of America unless you want to get the benefit!"

Critics wasted no time in scrutinizing his age and cognitive abilities, a frequent point of contention regarding the president, which has even surfaced from within his own party.

Interruptions and Protesters' Concerns

Biden faced multiple interruptions during the speech while sharing the stage with Vice President Kamala Harris, first lady Jill Biden, and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Throughout his speech, several protesters shouted critiques of his administration's handling of Israel's ongoing ground offensive against the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Right after commencing his speech, a male protester waving a Palestinian flag yelled, "How many kids have you killed?"

The protester's outburst was overwhelmed by the crowd chanting "four more years" as security promptly removed him.

During his remarks, Biden faced yet another interruption from a female protester who shouted, "Israel kills two mothers every hour."

As the second protester was escorted out, supporters of Biden once again chanted, "Four more years."

Despite the interruptions, Biden continued with his speech, but throughout, approximately a dozen protesters kept disrupting him, shouting slogans such as "Stop funding genocide" and "Genocide Joe has got to go."

As they were removed one by one, Biden commented, "This is going to go on for a while; they got this planned."