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Biden begs for help in Virginia as Youngkin gets record fundraising haul

 September 3, 2023

President Joe Biden has asked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to allocate $1.2 million for Virginia Democrats, amidst record fundraising from Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Biden's request was made as Youngkin's political action committee, Spirit of Virginia PAC, raised a record-breaking $5.9 million by the end of June, as reported by the Daily Wire.

Democrats enter a panic mode

The November elections could be a turning point in Virginia, as the Republicans currently hold the state House of Delegates, while the Democrats control the state Senate.

Dave Rexrode, the head of Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia PAC, responded to the news.

He indicated his belief that it showed the “far left in Virginia is in full panic mode, saying:

They are desperate, with no vision for the Commonwealth; only far left Virginia Democrats would look to D.C. and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for help. Virginians are with Gov. Youngkin, they support his commonsense agenda that’s providing tax relief, empowering parents, and strengthening public safety.

A Republican victory in the Senate and House could empower Youngkin to pass more conservative-backed initiatives in a state that had been leaning Democratic until his surprise gubernatorial win in 2021.

DNC chairman's response

DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison confirmed that the cash influx is part of Biden’s policy to support Democrats throughout the U.S.

Jaime Harrison, the DNC Chairman, noted that this financial aid is consistent with Biden's commitment to supporting Democrats across the nation.

He said:

Time and time again, President Biden has made it abundantly clear that he is committed to not just electing Democrats at the top of the ticket, but down the entire ballot, and this investment is further proof. We are proud to make these unprecedented investments in Virginia and across the country that will not only help Democrats win in 2023 but will build on and expand the infrastructure we need to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris next year.

The funds were partially allocated after Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine requested Biden’s assistance as Youngkin’s popularity remains high.

Senators' Request for Help

Warner and Kaine explicitly reached out to Biden for help in Virginia in light of Youngkin's high standing among voters.

Kaine said:

The Democratic National Committee’s significant investment in Virginia underscores that the stakes could not be higher this November. If Republicans win control of the General Assembly, they’ve pledged to restrict voting rights, pass an abortion ban, and roll back gun safety measures.

Youngkin's second quarter fundraising raised eyebrows among Republicans hoping to flip the Senate.

Without the Senate, Youngkin's administration has been able to make several conservative moves at the executive level.

This includes promoting a host of education reforms.

Youngkin has also been a strong proponent of protecting parental rights in Virginia's schools.

Rexrode expressed confidence in Governor Youngkin's commitment to Virginia and his campaign efforts, saying:

When Governor Youngkin says he’s focused on Virginia, he means it. The Governor has built and scaled an unprecedented campaign to hold the House and flip the Senate.


  • Biden requests $1.2 million from DNC for Virginia Democrats.
  • Youngkin's PAC raises a record-breaking $5.9 million.
  • The November elections are pivotal for control of the General Assembly.
  • Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine request Biden's assistance.
  • Youngkin's administration has already made conservative moves at the executive level.