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Biden bizarrely ignores Hawaii Democrat offering him sip of water — he just stared

 August 23, 2023

On his recent trip to Hawaii, President Joe Biden's interaction with Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz left many observers puzzled.

During his visit, as reported by Fox News, Biden's behavior raised a host of questions, especially his response to a seemingly simple gesture from the lawmaker in which he offered the president some water.

A sip of water leads to questions

Biden was in the Aloha state to survey the aftermath of the devastating wildfires that took the lives of at least 114 individuals.

Following a press briefing in Lahaina, Maui, Schatz was captured by the microphone, extending an offer of water to the president. However, Biden neither accepted nor declined, choosing instead to walk away without a word.

He then started to move away, appearing distracted, as his wife Jill and Hawaii Gov. Josh Green guided him from the podium.

The reasons behind this non-response remain a mystery. Was the president unaware of the Senator's offer? Or was there another reason for his silence? Fox News attempted to get answers from both Schatz's office and the White House but to no avail.

Controversies shadowing the Presidential visit

Biden's journey to Hawaii was already under scrutiny. He was criticized from multiple quarters for what many perceived as his lack of public empathy towards the state and its citizens post the catastrophic wildfires.

This sentiment was exacerbated when, during a vacation in Delaware, Biden was queried about the rising death toll in Hawaii. His reply of "no comment" was seen by many as a dismissive gesture, downplaying the hardships faced by Hawaiians.

Furthermore, during his visit, the president attempted to draw parallels between the massive wildfires and a minor kitchen fire he experienced in the past. This comparison was deemed out of touch by some, given the vast difference in the scale and impact of the two incidents.

Additionally, in the previous week, he forgot the word "Maui" as he repeatedly called it 'the Big Island' when discussing the fires.

Members from both the Democratic and Republican parties have raised concerns about the delay in federal aid and questioned the timing of Biden's visit to Maui.

Public reception: Not all welcoming

The president's arrival in Maui, a full 13 days after the onset of the wildfires, was met with a spectrum of public reactions.

While some Hawaiians were hopeful about his visit, others were less than welcoming. Some expressed their displeasure vocally, shouting expletives at his motorcade, while others displayed signs suggesting he should leave.

The financial aid announced for the affected families further fueled the discontent.

The White House's declaration that each impacted household would receive a mere $700 was met with disappointment.

Many Hawaiians found this amount paltry, especially when juxtaposed with aid provided for other international causes.

During their journey through Maui, numerous individuals displayed Trump 2024 banners and voiced their disapproval towards the presidential convoy.

A notable display included a sign highlighting the disparity in aid given to Ukraine compared to Hawaii, pointing out that each Ukrainian received over $1,700 since the conflict began in early 2022.


  • President Joe Biden's interaction with Senator Schatz over a sip of water became a focal point of his Hawaii visit.
  • The president's overall response to the wildfires and his subsequent actions and statements have been contentious topics of discussion.
  • Financial aid for the affected families, deemed insufficient by many, added to the list of grievances.
  • As the state continues its recovery efforts, the death toll might increase, underscoring the gravity of the disaster.