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Biden Criticized as Out of Touch for Comments on Economy

 May 10, 2024
In a rare interview with CNN, President Joe Biden staunchly defended his economic policies despite significant public dissatisfaction over inflation and high grocery prices.

During the conversation, Biden responded to criticism over inflation by claiming that his policies have left Americans with more money to spend, a comment that has sparked considerable backlash, with many voicing their concerns on social media and labeling the president -- and by extension his wife -- as out of touch, as the Daily Mail reports.

Public Reacts Strongly to Biden's Economic Take

The negative reaction was widespread, and social media channels were ablaze with criticism.

One user commented, "Most people don’t have the money because they are honest, unlike pathological lying Joe!" Another added, "He is the most clueless president this country has ever had, and that is the way history will remember him."

While defending his administration's approach, Biden also took a jab at "greedy corporations," blaming them for practices like shrinkflation, where consumers pay the same price for a product that has been subtly reduced in size or quantity. "It angers them and it angers me that you have to spend more," Biden explained.

Biden Dismisses Polling Data Amid Low Approval Ratings

CNN's recent polls underscore the challenge facing Biden, with only 34% approval on his handling of the economy and a mere 29% on his management of inflation.

Yet, Biden dismissed these numbers, questioning the reliability of phone surveys and maintaining a positive outlook on his campaign's progress.

"The polling data has been wrong all along," Biden asserted, expressing confidence in his campaign's trajectory and suggesting that many voters remain undecided until closer to the election.

Political and Legal Dramas Unfold in Background

The interview also touched upon Biden's views on Donald Trump's ongoing legal issues, including the hush money trial.

The president predicted that Trump would not accept the results of the upcoming November election, describing such a scenario as "dangerous."

Biden's comments at a recent fundraiser reflected his increasingly mocking tone towards Trump: "And I had to look at him and say, 'Donald, I'm sorry. I can't help you.'"

This shift comes as Biden prepares for a heated election campaign, highlighted by his direct confrontations and jabs at his predecessor.

Advice From Obama as Biden Faces Criticism on Age and Health

Amid concerns about his age and health -- Biden will turn 82 shortly after the election -- former President Barack Obama has counseled the president to stay the course.

"Keep doing what you're doing," Obama advised, supporting Biden's current campaign strategies despite public concerns.

These strategies include extensive organizational efforts in battleground states, contrasting sharply with Trump's more chaotic campaign approach.

This structured campaign strategy, according to Biden, is set to play a pivotal role in the upcoming elections.


As President Joe Biden continues to defend his economic policies amid soaring grocery prices and widespread criticism, his confidence in American financial resilience remains strong.

Despite low approval ratings and public backlash, Biden is backed by former President Obama and remains optimistic about the upcoming election, criticizing corporate greed and mocking his political rivals in an effort to rally support.