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Biden forgets when he was inaugurated and where he served in the Senate in bizarre speech

 September 6, 2023

President Joe Biden made noticeable errors in his recent Labor Day speech, misstating his inauguration date and which state he represented in the Senate.

During his address Monday in Philadelphia, Biden committed a series of errors that have caught the attention of both supporters and critics. Chief among these were his incorrect references to the date of his own inauguration and the state he first represented in the U.S. Senate, the Daily Wire reported.

Biden's connection to Pennsylvania and Delaware

Biden expressed his gratitude to Philadelphia for helping him get elected to the U.S. Senate decades ago. He remarked:

I wouldn’t have been elected to the United States Senate in the first place were it not for Philadelphia. That’s not a joke.

However, despite citing his Scranton, Pennsylvania as his birthplace, Biden never represented the Commonwealth in the Senate.

Instead, he was elected to represent Delaware when he was just 29 years old and has remained associated with that state throughout his political career.

Inaccurate recall of inauguration date

Further adding to the list of inaccuracies, the president thanked his audience for his inauguration, saying:

… since you got me sworn-in in January of 2020!

This is, however, not accurate. Although Biden secured victory in the 2020 presidential election, his inauguration took place in January of 2021.

Claims on economic policies and impact

Throughout his speech, Biden took credit for what he views as the success of his economic strategies.

Despite current challenges such as rising inflation and gas prices affecting American households, he confidently stated that his approach, now being referred to as "Bidenomics" by Wall Street and others, has brought significant benefits. Speaking about his economic approach, he said:

And guess what? It’s working!

The Republican National Committee, however, holds a contrasting view.

Since Biden assumed office, there's been a significant rise in inflation, with an overall increase of almost 16% and grocery prices soaring nearly 20%, the RNC tweeted.

Confusion over deficit and debt

Biden also made reference to his achievements in financial management, stating that he had "cut the deficit $1.7 trillion.”

After making these comments, Biden subsequently corrected himself to say he'd "cut the debt $1.7 trillion."

However, the national debt has actually risen by almost $2.5 trillion since he began his presidency.

Additionally, while there has been a reduction in the deficit, this has been linked to end of COVID-19 relief programs.

Moreover, the decrease in deficit under President Biden's administration was notably less than what the Congressional Budget Office anticipated.

Daniel Dale, a fact-checker from CNN, highlighted in May of 2022 that this difference arose directly from the economic policies Biden's administration implemented.


  • President Biden misstated his inauguration date and which state he represented in the Senate during his Labor Day speech.
  • While acknowledging Scranton, Pennsylvania as his birthplace, he mistakenly thanked Philadelphia for his election to the Senate. In reality, he represented Delaware.
  • Biden recalled his inauguration in January of 2020, though it took place in January of 2021.
  • He hailed his economic strategies, dubbed "Bidenomics," as effective despite challenges such as rising inflation.
  • The President's claims about cutting the debt and deficit were found to be inaccurate, with national debt actually rising during his tenure.