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Biden Officials Concerned About Hunter's Appearances at Public Events

 May 9, 2024

Amid ongoing investigations, administration officials have expressed unease over Hunter Biden's public appearances with his father, President Joe Biden.

Released emails reveal growing concerns within the Biden administration regarding the potential fallout from Hunter Biden's public engagements, as Breitbart reports.

Hunter Biden's visibility alongside President Joe Biden raised eyebrows among administration officials during a sensitive period. Hunter was under investigation for tax and gun violations, spanning from 2021 to 2023.

The scrutiny began to intensify with the public becoming aware of what was referred to as Hunter's "laptop from hell."

Initial Concerns Follow White House Event

An email dated April 28, 2022, marked a critical moment of internal concern. This was shortly after Hunter was invited by President Biden to the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll, sparking a flurry of internal communications among officials.

They debated the wisdom of allowing Hunter Biden to participate in high-profile public events amid legal uncertainties.

The concerns were not just about appearances but also about how these could influence public perception and media coverage. An unnamed official questioned, "But also, why is Hunter Biden anywhere near this administration ever?" highlighting the depth of the administration's discomfort.

Emails Suggest Preparedness for Media Inquiries

With Hunter Biden's legal challenges becoming more public, administration officials began to strategize on handling potential media fallout.

Emails suggest that discussions about preparing responses to inevitable questions about the laptop occurred weeks before the Easter event. One email noted it was "only a matter of time" before the press would seek answers.

Officials recommended having "a few lines in our back pocket" for dealing with media inquiries, indicating a proactive approach to an expected escalation in media scrutiny.

State Department Caught in Political Crossfire

By March 2023, the situation reached the State Department's doors. Emails outlined "political pivots" for Secretary of State Antony Blinken, indicating the broader implications of Hunter Biden's controversies on foreign policy discussions. This shows the administration's struggle to balance domestic political pressures with international diplomatic engagements.

The impact of Hunter Biden's ongoing legal issues continued to resonate within the corridors of power, leading to strategic discussions at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Legal Proceedings and Congressional Interests

In December 2023, Hunter Biden faced a congressional subpoena, which he initially defied. This action added another layer of complexity to his legal entanglements. However, he later complied with a closed-door deposition, somewhat mitigating immediate legal repercussions.

Legal challenges escalated when Hunter Biden was formally charged with nine tax and three gun charges in 2023. He faces up to 42 years in federal prison if convicted. His tax violation trial is set for June 20, with the trial for gun-related charges scheduled tentatively for June 3.

Investigative Focus Expands to Biden Family

In November 2022, the House launched a probe into the Biden family's financial transactions.

This investigation not only targeted Hunter but also included Joe Biden, James Biden, and other family members, broadening the scope of scrutiny across the Biden family.

The expanding investigation reflects a significant political and legal challenge for the Biden family, intertwining personal legal battles with broader political implications.

Conclusion: A Tangled Web of Politics and Legalities

The revelations from the released emails and the subsequent actions taken by administration officials, the State Department, and congressional investigators paint a complex picture of a political family navigating significant legal and ethical challenges.

Each development, from the public appearances to the legal proceedings, has contributed to an ongoing narrative of controversy and concern surrounding the Biden administration and the Biden family at large.