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Biden poll numbers are in the basement as 2024 approaches

 September 8, 2023

President Joe Biden, as he prepares for the 2024 election, is grappling with broadly negative job ratings and rising concerns about his age, according to a new CNN poll.

The survey indicates that in a potential showdown between Biden and former President Donald Trump -- the current Republican primary frontrunner -- there's no distinct leader.

The poll found that 46% of registered voters would prefer a Republican candidate to Biden.

Biden's 2024 Campaign and Approval Ratings

Even as Biden attempts to paint the 2024 contest as a clash against "Republican extremism," his approval ratings have stagnated below the mid-40s, mirroring Trump's 2019 standing and falling short of the ratings achieved by predecessors Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton at this juncture.

Biden is not the only candidate facing a certain degree of resistance, however. A notably segment of voters, 44%, think any Democratic candidate would be a superior choice over Trump.

Notably, both Biden and Trump's favorability ratings are at an unimpressive 35%.

Public Concern Over Biden's Age and Leadership

The survey paints a pessimistic picture of public sentiment toward Biden's tenure. A mere 39% approve of his job performance, while 58% believe his policies have exacerbated poor U.S. economic conditions -- an increase of eight points since last fall. A considerable 70% feel the nation is headed in the wrong direction under Biden's leadership.

Public opinion of Biden as a person is also not favorable. A significant 58% have an unfavorable impression, and only a minority, 45%, feel he truly cares about them.

Only 33% express pride in having him as their president. The percentage of Americans who think Biden exudes confidence has plummeted to 28%, and a mere 26% believe he possesses the stamina and acuity to be an effective leader.

A staggering 73% are concerned about how Biden's age could impact his physical and mental abilities, with 76% doubtful about him completing another full term if reelected.

Moreover, 68% are unsure about his capability to comprehend the needs of the upcoming generation.

Democratic Voters Yearn for an Alternative

A sizeable 67% of Democratic voters believe Biden will most likely secure the party's nomination again. However, the same percentage wishes for a different nominee.

This sentiment isn't necessarily a vote of confidence for any specific rival. Of those desiring a change, 82% don't have an alternative in mind.

Many reservations center on Biden's vitality, not his job performance. While a majority still believe Biden has their best interests at heart and approve of his performance, fewer Democrats find him inspiring or question his stamina and sharpness.

When asked about their top concern regarding Biden's 2024 candidacy, 49% pointed to his age. Other worries included his mental sharpness, health, capability, popularity, and electability.

Biden vs. Republican Candidates

In a preliminary assessment of a potential Biden--Trump rematch based on CNN's poll, registered voters are almost evenly divided, with Trump garnering 47% and Biden 46%. The demographic patterns from the 2020 election remain evident.

According to the poll, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is the only GOP candidate currently leading Biden in a hypothetical matchup, securing 49% to Biden's 43%. Polls involving other potential Republican contenders show tight races with Biden.