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Biden refuses to call Hunter’s daughter in Arkansas his granddaughter as Hunter denies her his last name

By Sarah May on
 May 1, 2023

With Hunter Biden due in an Arkansas courtroom Monday as part of an ongoing child support dispute surrounding a four-year-old girl he fathered, new attention is being focused on the manner in which the entire first family – including President Joe Biden – has continued to ignore the child and effectively deny her existence, as legal expert Jonathan Turley writes for Fox News.

The youngster, Navy Joan Roberts, was born out of wedlock to Hunter Biden and former adult entertainer Lunden Roberts in 2018, and though the president's son initially denied fathering the child, DNA testing ultimately confirmed paternity, and a series of legal battles have since ensued.

Support Reduction Sought

As CNN notes, the circumstances surrounding the Bidens' relationship – or lack thereof – with the little girl in Arkansas are in the news again due to the fact that last fall, Hunter Biden sought a reduction in the amount of child support he is required to pay for the daughter he has thus far refused to personally meet.

That request triggered the ability of Roberts to seek production of a host of Hunter Biden's financial records to determine whether his claim of a “substantial material change” in his income was legitimate.

Because Hunter Biden has, according to Roberts, refused to provide such evidence, violated court orders, and withheld critical facts, she is asking the court to hold him in contempt and place him behind bars until he is in compliance.

As such, Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer ordered both Roberts and Hunter Biden to appear in person at Monday's hearing, when these and other pending issues will begin to be addressed.

Acknowledgment Refused

The disregard shown for Navy Joan Roberts by her father has also been demonstrated by the president and first lady, as was made quite clear in December by virtue of a White House Christmas display in which the couple hung stockings bearing the names of six grandchildren – not seven – and notably omitted any reference to Navy Joan, as the New York Post noted at the time.

As Turley pointed out in his Fox News piece, even the Bidens' pet dogs and cats had Christmas stockings, but there was nothing whatsoever for the granddaughter whom neither Joe nor Jill Biden have expressed any interest in meeting or supporting in any way.

Joe Biden's stubborn refusal to acknowledge Navy Joan's existence continued last week, when, during a White House “Take Our Kids to Work Day” event, he again referenced his “six” grandchildren, saying he is “crazy” about them and speaks to them all with great frequency, as Fox News noted separately.

The incident prompted Zach Parkinson of the Republican National Committee to suggest that there were only three possible explanations for what occurred, “none of which are good,” and they are that the president can't recall how many grandchildren he has, he knows how many he has and is intentionally shunning Navy Joan, or that he has received erroneous or dishonest information from Hunter on the issue.

Disowning His Daughter

On top of all of the other ways in which Hunter Biden has attempted to distance himself from the little girl he sired, earlier this year, he went so far as to request that a judge deny a request from Roberts that the child's last name be changed to that of her father, as the Post reported at the time.

Roberts argued in December of last year that her daughter is entitled to bear her father's last name, stating that it would be a benefit to her in that it is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful.”

The child's mother also pointed out that “this child's father was a wildly successful businessman,” her late uncle, Beau Biden, “was a man of high moral character, loved and well-regarded by all, and the former Attorney General of the State of Delaware,” and, of course, that her grandfather is president of the United States.

Hunter Biden, for his part, decided to contest the name change, claiming that it would bring nothing but scrutiny and scorn upon the girl and deny her the opportunity to lead a “peaceful existence.”

Turley's Take

In his piece for Fox News, Turley highlights the egregious cruelty inflicted on an innocent child by her blood relatives, stating that the “viciousness of the Biden family in dealing with this little girl is only matched by that of the media.”

“Reporters who profess to support women and denounce deadbeat dads have either ignored this story or belittled [Navy's] mother Lunden Roberts,” Turley continues.

The well-known legal commentator added, “It is hard to imagine the pain that this child will experience upon learning of how the Bidens erased any reference to her and fought even her ability to claim to be a member of their family,” adding, “[i]f one were to combine all of Hunter's influence peddling, drug abuse, orgies and prostitution controversies, they would not hold a candle to the utter depravity shown toward this little girl.”

In Turley's estimation, Hunter Biden's dogged opposition to fulfilling any of his duties as Navy Joan's father may backfire spectacularly in that the court battles his refusal has spurred may pave the way to all sorts of damning disclosures pertaining to the criminality of which many suspect he is guilty.