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Biden Says More Rest Is Needed to Avoid Continued Mistakes: Report

 July 5, 2024

President Joe Biden, under fire within his party for a subpar debate performance, attributed his errors to fatigue and a hectic schedule, and despite the criticisms, Biden assured Democratic governors that he has no intentions of withdrawing from the presidential race.

Amid scrutiny, Biden suggested his brain requires better sleep and fewer working hours to prevent exhaustion, and the president’s remarks came during a Wednesday gathering of Democratic governors, where he proposed ending all events after 8 p.m., according to the Washington Examiner.

President Addresses Fatigue and Debates

Biden’s comments followed a debate performance marked by multiple verbal slip-ups, where he lost his train of thought repeatedly. He blamed his poor showing on a grueling travel schedule and intensive debate preparations leading up to the event.

During the meeting, Biden noted that he ignored his staff’s advice about managing his schedule more effectively, pointing out that he should have rested more before the debate.

He humorously responded to a query from Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii regarding his health by saying, “It’s just my brain.”

The president pointed to recent international trips as a significant cause of his fatigue, acknowledging that jet lag played a role in his debate performance.

He admitted at a fundraising event that traveling before the debate was unwise and confessed that he “almost fell asleep on stage.”

Biden Apologizes for Debate Performance

Although Biden apologized for his lackluster debate showing, he firmly stated that he possesses the stamina to take on former President Donald Trump. He characterized his busy schedule as an explanation, not an excuse, for his debate lapses.

Despite his assurances, Biden confided to close allies that he might consider exiting the race if his campaign cannot be revitalized. However, the White House firmly denied any discussions about Biden withdrawing from the election.

Some Democratic lawmakers have expressed concerns over Biden’s capabilities. Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas openly urged Biden to step aside ahead of the 2024 presidential race.

Calls For Biden To Step Down

Additional calls for Biden’s withdrawal came from Reps. Raúl Grijalva of Arizona and Seth Moulton of Massachusetts. These lawmakers believe that fresh leadership is necessary for the party’s future success.

Moreover, former Rep. Tim Ryan advocated for Vice President Kamala Harris to become the party's 2024 nominee, describing Biden’s debate performance as “deeply troubling.”

In response to these growing calls, the White House maintained confidence in Biden’s ability to serve a second term, underscoring his commitment to the campaign.

Continued Support Despite Concerns

During a campaign speech, Biden candidly acknowledged that he is no longer a “young man.” Nonetheless, he stressed that he is still capable of handling the responsibilities of another term in office.

This statement aimed to quell doubts about his endurance and reassure his supporters of his determination to continue fighting for re-election.

Biden’s recent debate performance has placed a spotlight on his campaign strategy and overall health, prompting discussions within the party about the best path forward. His acknowledgment of fatigue and the need for better rest reflects a strategic pivot, aiming to mitigate future errors and restore confidence in his candidacy.

In summary, President Joe Biden addressed the criticisms of his debate performance by attributing his mistakes to fatigue and a demanding schedule.

Despite calls from some within his party to step down, Biden remains committed to his campaign, with the support of the White House backing his capability to serve a second term.