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Biden snaps, refuses to answer reporter’s question

 February 18, 2023

President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter on Thursday after being asked about his family's alleged business connections to China.

Biden responded to the question after remarks on shooting down the Chinese spay balloon and other recent flying objects.

The remarks

"Give me a break, man," Biden said.

"You can come to my office and ask a question where we have more polite people," he said.

"That does not help our authority to get information out of the president," one reporter in the room could be heard saying.

Speaking with China's president

Biden also said he will be speaking with China's president soon about the balloon incident.

"I expect to be speaking with President Xi, and I hope we have a — we are going to get to the bottom of this," Biden said in his first public remarks since the Chinese balloon and three other unidentified high-altitude objects were shot down over U.S. and Canadian airspace.

"But I make no apologies for taking down that balloon," he added.

Lawmakers want answers

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is among many lawmakers looking for answers from the president following the balloon situation.

"As they say, the cow is now out of the barn. I think the president [and] this administration has a tendency to ignore problems and ignore issues," he told John Roberts during a Fox News interview.

"I give you the border. It tends to say, 'look, you know what, I really admire the problem. I don't want to talk about a solution.' I think at this juncture, the president needs to talk straight up to the American people," he added.

Biden's spy balloon situation with China is in addition to other Chinese concerns related to the president.

The president's recent classified documents found in his Penn Biden Center office led to news that the University of Pennsylvania received millions of dollars in anonymous donations from Chinese sources following its opening.

Biden also faces concerns over his son Hunter Biden's laptop which includes multiple accounts of collusion with Chinese business leaders involving Hunter and potentially his father during Biden's time as vice president.