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Biden speaks gibberish at Wisconsin brewery speech

By Stew Davidson
January 26, 2024

President Biden's speech at a Wisconsin brewery sparked confusion and criticism on social media due to a series of verbal stumbles.

During a recent event at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin, President Biden sought to highlight his economic achievements and the success of his infrastructure legislation.

This appearance was part of his campaign efforts for the 2024 re-election. However, his speech took an unexpected turn when he made a series of confusing remarks about the brewery and its products, leading to a mix of laughter and bewilderment among the audience and online spectators, as FOX News reported.

The president's perplexing words

In the midst of discussing "Bidenomics" and bipartisan infrastructure successes, President Biden made an obscure comment regarding the brewery's beer.

His statement, "The beer brewed here, it is used to make the brew beered here," left many puzzled.

His attempt to appreciate the Earth Rider Brewery with the phrase, "Ooh, Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes. I wonder why…", was also met with confusion and laughter from the audience.

Several social media users and influencers did not hold back their reactions to the president's speech.

Collin Rugg, a conservative influencer, mocked Biden's coherence, suggesting that he was speaking an unintelligible language.

Rugg humorously attempted to interpret Biden's words, but his rendition only added to the mockery.

Public figures react to the speech

On X, Rugg posted:

JUST IN: President Biden sounds like he is speaking a different language while giving a speech at the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin. Don't worry... The media has assured us that he is sharper than ever!

Rugg's statement was just the beginning of a series of critical comments from various public figures and social media accounts.

The RNC Research account took a jab at Biden's ability to read from his teleprompter. A similar sentiment was echoed by Team Trump, the Trump campaign's social media account, labeling Biden as "cognitively impaired."

Juanita Broaddrick, known for her allegations against former President Bill Clinton, bluntly stated her concern about Biden's well-being.

Rich Sementa, associated with the Mark Levin Show, referred to the incident as "Biden's Best Gibberish Yet," emphasizing the unexpected nature of the president's remarks.

Concern for the president's well-being

Among the voices of criticism and mockery, some expressed concern and called for respect towards the president.

Conservative commentator Paul Szypula commented on the situation, highlighting the importance of treating elders with respect and dignity.

He criticized the handling of President Biden, viewing it as disrespectful and demeaning, especially given his advanced age and the demands of his position.

Szypula stated:

Every time I see these clips I’m reminded of how I was raised to respect my elders and treat them with dignity. What Democrats are doing by propping Biden up like this when he’s clearly debilitated is not respectful or dignified. It’s shameful and an insult to all elderly.

The critique was not limited to political commentators. Social media influencer "Catturd" described the situation as alarming and likened it to a joke.

The account for "Opie Radio" humorously sought someone who could understand and translate "Biden" language, focusing on the president's remarks about beer.


  • President Biden's speech at a Wisconsin brewery was marked by confusing remarks, drawing laughter and bewilderment.
  • Social media users and public figures reacted with a mix of mockery, criticism, and concern for the president's well-being.
  • While some commentators emphasized respect and dignity for elders, others saw the incident as a reflection of the intense scrutiny faced by public figures, especially in the political arena.