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Biden Says He Wishes Trump Had Taken His Own Bleach Advice

 May 11, 2024
In a bold critique at a California fundraiser, President Joe Biden lambasted former President Donald Trump's controversial past statements, including a controversial 2020 remark about bleach.

President Biden used the platform to deride Trump's previous suggestions about using bleach against COVID-19, saying he wishes he had experimented with the theory on himself, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Biden's trip began in the Bay Area on Thursday night, where he attended events aimed at rallying support from Democratic donors, and these gatherings set the stage for his verbal jabs.

Biden Sharpens Rhetoric Against Trump

The following day, at the main fundraiser, Biden's rhetoric intensified as he directly targeted Trump, the likely Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections. His speech included references to some of Trump's most contentious statements.

Notably, Biden revisited Trump's infamous suggestion from April 2020, in which Trump proposed disinfectant injections could potentially treat COVID-19. This remark by Trump attracted widespread criticism and disbelief at the time.

Biden mocked, “Remember him saying the best thing to do is to inject a little bleach into your arm,” adding sarcastically, “I wish he had done it a little bit himself.”

Recent Remarks Echo Previous Jokes

Earlier in the month, Biden had joked about this same topic during a speech to the North American Building Trades Union. Here he quipped, “It all went to his hair,” suggesting Trump's ideas were not only dangerous but also absurd.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that. You guys are a bad influence on me,” Biden admitted, hinting at the light-hearted nature of his criticism but acknowledging its sharpness.

These comments are part of a broader pattern where Biden has increasingly taken a direct approach in criticizing his political rival, especially as the 2024 elections approach.

Biden’s Agenda Includes More Fundraisers

After the California events, Biden's schedule included a trip to Seattle, Washington, where he continued his fundraising efforts. These trips are critical for Biden as he prepares for the upcoming election cycle.

In Seattle, Biden aimed to consolidate further support from Democratic allies and engage with more potential donors, reflecting the importance of these regions in his campaign strategy.

The president's tour not only highlights his fundraising strategy but also his readiness to address and critique significant national and international issues publicly.

Biden Criticizes Trump’s Foreign Policy

Amid his criticisms of Trump’s domestic suggestions, Biden also targeted Trump’s foreign policy stances. His disapproval of Trump's admiration for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was evident.

Biden deplored Trump’s approach towards dictatorial figures and criticized his supposed plans to seek substantial campaign donations from oil executives, which Biden implied could lead to compromised policies.

This dual focus on both domestic and foreign issues underscores Biden's strategic approach to highlight what he perceives as Trump’s failures and risks associated with his potential re-election.

Looking Ahead to 2024

The intensified verbal skirmishes between Biden and Trump signal a heating up of the political landscape as both sides gear up for the 2024 presidential race.

As these events unfold, Biden's critiques are not just about countering Trump but framing the Democratic stance on various issues, from public health to international diplomacy. This dynamic is likely to escalate as both candidates sharpen their strategies and rhetoric in the coming months.

In conclusion, President Biden’s recent remarks during his California fundraising tour reflect an intensified effort to challenge former President Trump’s policies and past statements.

By revisiting controversial suggestions like the bleach injection and criticizing Trump’s foreign policy preferences, Biden is actively shaping his narrative ahead of the next election cycle. His agenda continues with more fundraisers and public engagements as he seeks to consolidate support and articulate his vision for America’s future.