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Investigation Reveals Biden's Inner Circle's Deep Ties to Family Business Ventures

 June 10, 2024

A recent Politico report has highlighted the intricate ties between President Joe Biden's inner circle and his family's business dealings.

The involvement of Biden's personal lawyers, bookkeepers, and former Secret Service members in the Biden family business raises fresh concerns about the separation between his presidential duties and family interests, Fox News reported.

The story begins in 1975, during Joe Biden's first Senate term when his brother Jim Biden secured a loan to start a nightclub business. This early instance of leveraging political connections set a precedent for the Biden family's complex intertwining of business and politics.

In 2017, Jim Biden hired Dale Pupillo, former head of then-Vice President Biden's Secret Service detail, to investigate a Chinese business partner, Patrick Ho, who was later convicted on federal corruption charges. The probe was intended to ensure Jim knew who he was dealing with, highlighting an ongoing blend of personal interest and professional caution.

"I wanted to know who I was meeting with and if there were any complications at all," Jim Biden remarked during the impeachment inquiry, underlining the careful navigation required in these business ventures.

Presidential Circle's Deep Involvement Unveiled

Further illustrating the depth of this involvement, President Biden and his son Hunter shared a personal bookkeeper, entwining their financial management. This arrangement points to an overlap between personal and presidential financial affairs that blurs traditional boundaries.

Moreover, Joe Biden's longtime associate, Mel Monzack, has played dual roles as his personal attorney and campaign treasurer. He even handled legal matters for Jim Biden, including negotiations involving the Americore hospital chain that ultimately failed to materialize.

"I don't have the full depth of what he does or doesn't do," Jim Biden said about his attorney, Mel Monzack, during the impeachment inquiry, suggesting a partial awareness or possible deniability of the intertwined legal and financial arrangements.

Chinese Ventures and Financial Management Scrutinized

After leaving government in 2014, Fran Person, a former Biden associate, pitched a business venture to Hunter Biden involving SeaWorld parks in China, indicating ongoing post-political career dealings that tied back to the Biden family.

During this time, WhatsApp messages unveiled by an IRS investigation showed discussions between Person and Hunter Biden about leveraging a Chinese business partnership to alleviate Hunter's financial struggles.

Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden's business partner, managed finances for both Hunter and President Biden, a point he clarified during the impeachment inquiry by asserting that there was no financial intermingling between the president and his son.

White House and Personal Business Interactions

President Biden's physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, who also served as his physician during his vice presidency, now occupies the role of White House physician. His professional and personal roles merged when Jim Biden consulted him regarding a potential business deal with the Veterans Affairs Department.

This overlap of personal and professional roles across Biden's inner circle highlights a recurring theme of interconnectedness that challenges the purported separateness promised by the administration.

The ongoing revelations about these business dealings prompt a reconsideration of the ethical boundaries supposedly established by one of the highest offices in the United States.

Reviewing the Ethical Boundaries in Presidential Dealings

In conclusion, the Politico report reveals a complex network of personal and professional ties within President Biden's inner circle that engage directly with family business operations. This intertwining raises significant questions about the ethical standards and the separation between presidential duties and personal business interests.

The involvement of personal lawyers, bookkeepers, and close associates in these dealings challenges the integrity of these boundaries and calls into question the effectiveness of the so-called 'firewalls' meant to prevent such overlaps.

As these stories unfold, the public and regulatory bodies may find these revelations increasingly relevant as they assess the transparency and accountability of the administration's operations.