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Biden’s creepy ice cream moment destroyed his credibility: Report

 September 12, 2023

President Joe Biden recently made a remark concerning children and ice cream, which garnered significant attention and added to growing concerns about his suitability for office.

During a recent speech, Biden suggested that he knows great ice cream places in the area and hinted to children in the audience that their "daddy" owed them a treat, intimating they should approach him after the event to discuss the situation, as Fox News reported.

Diversion from main agenda

The comments came just prior to his address marking the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Rather than focusing on the legislation, the commentary brought renewed attention to questions about the president's mental health.

Biden, speaking to children in the audience, specifically remarked:

I want to say one thing to your children. I know some really great ice cream places around here, and Daddy owes you, so talk to me afterward.

Shortly thereafter, he transitioned back to discussing his administration's efforts on inflation.

Public reactions flood social media

The unusual phrasing did not escape the public's attention. Social media users were quick to respond with a mix of concern and mockery. One user stated:

That’s what happens when his handlers let him out of their sight.

Another commented, saying:

 Dude is so creepy.

There were those who feared what this could imply for future public appearances, with a user commenting:

Pretty soon, he won’t remember to control any of his words, and the truth will come out.

Some went as far as to call the incident disgusting, as another user highlighted:

Not awkward; it is disgusting!

Pattern of questionable behavior

This isn't the first time President Biden's words and actions have raised eyebrows.

A prior incident in July showed him interacting with a child during a visit to Finland.

The moment was deemed unconventional by many viewers and even gained the attention of Piers Morgan, who commented on the viral interaction.

Before commenting on the particular situation, Morgan observed that controversies surrounding Biden keep mounting.

“How does he keep doing this? Why does he keep doing this? You think he’s Hannibal Lecter or something? It’s creepy, weird, and definitely unpresidential," he said.

Morgan didn't stop there, expressing further disbelief about Biden's actions toward the little girl at issue:

Literally Nibbling Her! I Hate Even To Say It Because It Sounds So Weird!

He added that such behavior, even if directed at his own grandchild, would still be perceived as strange.

Concerns about presidential behavior

Morgan further elaborated, stating the obvious strangeness of the president’s conduct:

The thing is, even if it was his own grandchild, right, you’d still think it was a bit weird. The fact it’s some random person that’s standing there with their kid.

The series of incidents, starting with the ice cream comment and tracing back to the interaction in Finland, have intensified concerns about the president.

This pattern makes some question whether such moments are mere slips or indicative of deeper underlying issues.


  • President Biden's recent remarks on children and ice cream diverted attention from key policy discussions.
  • The president's phrasing led to a wave of varied reactions on social media, ranging from ridicule to genuine concern.
  • Previous incidents, such as the Finland interaction, have added to the narrative of Biden's questionable public behavior.
  • High-profile commentators like Piers Morgan have also weighed in, expressing concerns about the president's actions.