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Biden's Declining Popularity Among Women Voters

 June 21, 2024

President Joe Biden faces a significant decline in support from female voters as the following election approaches.

Recent polls reveal a substantial decrease in President Joe Biden's popularity among female voters since the 2020 election, reducing his lead to just an 8-percentage point advantage over former President Donald Trump, Newsmax reported.

Since his victory in 2020, where female voters played a pivotal role, President Biden has observed a noticeable reduction in this crucial demographic's support. According to an aggregation of over 30 polls by The New York Times, this trend has manifested over the past six months, showing Biden ahead of Trump by only 8 points among women.

The rising cost of living and inflation rates have influenced this shift. Economic pressures have particularly impacted Biden's standing among women voters, who had previously shown strong support in the 2020 elections.

Recognizing the situation's urgency, the Biden campaign initiated "Women for Biden-Harris" in late February. This national campaign aims to regain the support of female voters through organized mobilization efforts.

Biden Campaign Introduces Nationwide Women's Mobilization Effort

Jill Biden is in charge of the "Women for Biden-Harris" initiative. Her involvement underscores the campaign's commitment to directly engage with female voters, addressing their concerns and rallying their support for the upcoming election.

The program's launch represents a strategic move by the Biden campaign to counteract the loss of female support, a demographic that was instrumental in securing Biden's 2020 win. In that election, according to AP VoteCast, there was a 9-percentage point gender gap in Biden's favor, with 55% of women backing him.

Comparison with previous years shows a consistent pattern. For instance, the 2018 midterms saw a similar 10-point gender gap, with 58% of women supporting Democratic candidates. However, recent polls indicate a shrinking of this gap, particularly among Black and Hispanic women, sectors where Biden has seen notable declines.

Shift in Support Patterns Among Black and Hispanic Women

New polling data from KFF suggest that President Biden's support among Black and Hispanic women has diminished significantly since his last campaign. This change is part of a broader trend of waning enthusiasm among his once-solid bases.

While Biden's support among women has decreased, the decline in male backing is even more pronounced. The Times data illustrates a sharper drop among men, particularly young men and those without a college degree, which adds another challenge for Biden's re-election campaign.

Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, commented on the potential impact of campaign issues on voter mobilization. She believes that once the campaign intensifies, critical issues like abortion will galvanize female voters back to Biden's side. She noted, "Once the campaign kicks into high gear, abortion will rally the women. And as much as Trump wants to right-size himself, he can't stop himself from bragging about how he overturned Roe v. Wade."

The Impact of Abortion Issues on Voter Sentiments

Abortion rights are expected to play a critical role in the upcoming elections. Lake's comments highlight the emotional and political weight this issue carries, especially following Trump's Supreme Court appointments, which led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

This legal shift has reintroduced abortion as a central issue in American politics, potentially influencing the way women vote in the next election. The Biden campaign will likely leverage this issue, emphasizing Biden's support for reproductive rights in contrast to Trump's record.

As the election draws closer, the effectiveness of the "Women for Biden-Harris" campaign in mitigating these losses and reinvigorating Biden's support base will be critical. The campaign's ability to connect with women on crucial issues and mobilize them effectively will play a decisive role in shaping the electoral landscape.

Election Strategy and Mobilization of Female Voters

President Biden's declining support among female voters poses a significant challenge as he seeks re-election. The "Women for Biden-Harris" initiative, led by Jill Biden, aims to address this by mobilizing female voters around critical issues such as economic security and abortion rights.

The campaign's focus on these areas and the efforts to engage directly with women across the country reflect a strategic approach to recapture the support that was pivotal in the 2020 victory. As the political climate heats up, the effectiveness of these strategies will be closely watched by political analysts and voters alike.