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Axelrod: Biden Displays Disconnect with Voters Over Age Concerns

 July 6, 2024

Democratic strategist David Axelrod has voiced critical concerns about President Biden being "dangerously out of touch" with voter apprehensions surrounding his age and health, and his comments come in the aftermath of the president's ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos, following his poorly received debate performance against former President Trump.

Axelrod, a former key advisor to Barack Obama, emphasized Biden's decreasing support in current polls and his apparent unwillingness to acknowledge the fact, indicating a troubling trend for the president's reelection campaign, as The Hill reports.

Debate Performance Criticized by Democratic Insiders

In an interview that aired Friday evening, Axelrod commented that Biden is now six points behind Trump, a significant decline from being ten points ahead at the same time in a previous electoral cycle. This stark shift in numbers was a focal point in Axelrod’s critique of Biden’s response to voter concerns about his age and physical capacities.

The ABC News interview was Biden's first since a widely criticized debate performance against Trump. During the debate, Biden found himself distracted by Trump’s outbursts, even when the former President's microphone was turned off.

Reflecting on the debate, Biden described it as "a bad night," admitting that he was not in control, which contributed to his underwhelming performance.

Biden attempted to downplay concerns about his position in the race. He insisted that despite polling data showing otherwise, he was not behind in the presidential race. This dismissal of the polls has not quelled anxieties among Democratic insiders and voters.

Pressure From Within the Democratic Party

Prior to the airing of the ABC News interview, other significant developments showcased mounting pressure from within Biden’s own party.

Rep. Mike Quigley became the fourth House Democrat to urge Biden to drop his bid for re-election. In addition, the Washington Post reported that Sen. Mark Warner was attempting to gather a cohort of Democratic senators to persuade Biden to exit the race.

Axelrod: Biden 'Dangerously Out Of Touch'

Axelrod’s criticism did not stop at polling numbers. He asserted that Biden is proud of his accomplishments but remains woefully unaware of public concern regarding his future capabilities and current standing in this race.

The president is rightfully proud of his record, Axelrod said. But he is dangerously out-of-touch with the concerns people have about his capacities moving forward and his standing in this race.

Years ago, Biden's comfort margin greatly surpassed Trump's, but now the tables appear to have turned with Biden struggling to keep up in the polls. Years ago at this time, he was 10 points ahead of Trump. Today, he is six points behind, Axelrod emphasized, highlighting a critical issue in Biden’s campaign strategy.

Revealing Signs of Eroding Campaign?

Biden's insistence that he is not trailing in the presidential race, despite contrary evidence, is perceived by critics as evidence of a leadership blind spot. This perceived disconnect is emerging as a noticeable concern among prominent Democrats, reflecting worries about Biden's prospects in the upcoming election cycle.

Axelrod’s warning can be seen as part of a broader dialogue within the Democratic Party, wherein various factions are beginning to express doubts regarding Biden's candidacy. The internal pressure for Biden to consider stepping down indicates a significant shift in party dynamics as the election approaches.

Voter Concerns About Age and Health Widespread

These developments paint a picture of growing anxiety among Democratic leaders and voters about Biden’s health and perceived vitality as they brace for another election year.

The broader implication suggests that voter concerns about age and health are more pronounced than ever, and Democratic strategists fear these concerns could substantially impact the election outcome.

Electoral Implications For Biden’s Campaign

With pressure mounting from within the party and vocal critics like Axelrod highlighting critical issues, the Biden campaign faces an uphill battle to address and allay these concerns. The path forward will require addressing not only policy stances but also personal assurances regarding Biden’s ability to serve another term.

In conclusion, Democratic strategist David Axelrod's recent critique underscores an essential issue in President Biden's campaign: the disconnect with voter concerns about age and health. Following a poorly received debate performance and a revealing ABC News interview, the President faces increasing pressure from within his party.

The erosion of Biden's poll numbers and the vocal concerns of Democratic leaders highlight the need for a reassessment of campaign strategies amid an evolving political landscape.