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Biden's Neurological Visits Stir Concerns Amid Growing Scrutiny At White House

 July 9, 2024

A contentious White House press briefing has intensified concerns about President Joe Biden's health and led to additional to questions regarding the transparency of the administration.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of questions about Biden's reported neurological evaluations and visits by Dr. Kevin Cannard, a physician specializing in Parkinson’s disease, as the Daily Mail reports.

Jean-Pierre Faces Challenging Questions

During the heated press briefing on Monday, the White House addressed rumors of President Biden receiving evaluation and/or treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Jean-Pierre struggled to navigate questions about the 81-year-old president's health.

Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden had undergone three examinations by a neurologist. However, she declined to explain why Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s expert, had visited the White House eight times over the course of several months.

Reporters demanded more details, pressing Jean-Pierre for a thorough explanation, but she refused, citing privacy and security concerns. This response left journalists questioning the transparency of the administration regarding Biden’s health.

Reporters Demand More Transparency

During the briefing, CBS News' senior White House correspondent Ed O'Keefe expressed frustration, to which Jean-Pierre later responded, “Ed, a little respect please.” O'Keefe pressed further, saying, “You’re not answering a very basic, direct question.”

Jean-Pierre emphasized, “I am telling you he has seen a neurologist three times. So that is answering that question.” Despite her attempt to address the questions, the lack of detailed information fueled further concerns.

The president’s health has been a topic of discussion since his debate performance against Donald Trump. Democratic donors and several elected officials have suggested that Biden consider stepping aside for a younger candidate.

Cannard’s Visits Raise Questions

Jean-Pierre was questioned further about Dr. Cannard's frequent visits to the White House. Over the past eight months, Cannard visited eight times, including meetings with the president’s personal physician.

The press secretary stated that Biden was examined by a neurologist each time he had a physical. However, previous inquiries revealed that Biden had only a verbal check-in with his doctor after the debate, not a medical exam.

Journalists continued to probe, accusing the administration of not being forthcoming with information regarding the president’s health.

Biden Responds to Health Concerns

Amid the scrutiny, Jean-Pierre expressed frustration at the aggressive questioning from reporters. “I hear you guys, guys, hold on a second,” she said, attempting to manage the intense dialogue.

On the same day, Biden sent a defiant letter to congressional Democrats affirming his intention to continue his campaign. Additionally, he made a surprise call to MSNBC's Morning Joe, criticizing party elites and challenging them to run against him at the convention if they truly doubt his capabilities to lead.

Biden's health and capacity to handle the presidency have been points of debate, particularly with Democratic donors and elected representatives urging consideration of replacement candidates.

Biden Plans to Address Nation

Biden is also planning to hold a press conference on Thursday to demonstrate his capability to meet the presidency's demands. This move comes in response to growing scrutiny and the need for transparency regarding his health.

In his call to MSNBC, Biden expressed his frustration with party leaders, stating, “I'm getting so frustrated by the elites. Not talking about you guys by the way ... the elites in the party.” He further challenged his critics to “run against me. Announcement for president. Challenge me at the convention.”


In conclusion, the White House has responded to heightened concerns about President Biden's health with mixed transparency, confirming his multiple neurological evaluations while withholding specifics.

This has led to increased scrutiny and calls from various factions within the Democratic party for new leadership. Biden's upcoming press conference is highly anticipated as he strives to reassure the public of his ability to fulfill the demanding responsibilities of the presidency.