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Biden’s own allies say his relationship with Hunter is causing problems

 September 11, 2023

Sources close to President Joe Biden have expressed concerns about his apparent hesitation to distance himself from the affairs of his son, Hunter Biden, Fox News reported.

Allies Question Biden's Open Support for Hunter

Allies of Biden have told the New York Times about their frustration over his apparent "inability to say no" to Hunter, suggesting this has led to "avoidable political distractions."

According to the Times' report, the president's backers have privately criticized his seeming reluctance to set boundaries when Hunter attempted to involve him in his business endeavors.

They believe this closeness has led to needless political entanglements.

The outlet reported, "Some allies of the president say his loyalty to his son -- inviting him to state dinners, flying with him aboard Marine One and standing on the White House balcony with him -- has resulted in wholly avoidable political distractions."

Hunter's Legal Woes and Their Impact on Biden

The publication stated that Biden was "stunned" when Hunter's plea deal collapsed in July.

The report indicated that following the incident, Biden exhibited signs of sadness and frustration, as observed by individuals close to the first family who requested anonymity.

In subsequent conversations about Hunter, a newfound sense of resignation reportedly became evident in Biden's demeanor.

According to allies, Biden seemed hesitant to set boundaries or deny Hunter's requests.

Further emphasizing Hunter's current state, Kevin Morris, a known attorney from Hollywood who has financially aided Hunter, remains a significant pillar of support for him in California.

However, the Times highlighted potential rifts between Morris and Biden's inner circles, citing the lawyer's inclination toward a firmer stance in handling Hunter's legal challenges.

The outlet also delves into Hunter's daily life in California, noting that his emerging career in painting is seen as a means of coping or "survival."

While some close to Hunter commend his determination, others sense a simmering anger.

Upcoming Legal Challenges for Hunter

Recent developments in the legal arena spell more uncertainties for the younger Biden.

Special Counsel David Weiss' team has signaled its intent to charge Hunter for a federal firearms violation.

This move comes after U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika had earmarked a date to receive input from both parties on a potential diversion agreement that ran into trouble in her courtroom earlier this summer.

This agreement, if sanctioned, would have saved Hunter from serving jail time due to an instance in 2018 in which he was said to have unlawfully provided false information on an application for a firearm acquisition.