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Bill Barr announces likely vote for Trump in 2024

By Mandy Donalds
February 20, 2024

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr suggested during a speech last week that in a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, he'll have no choice but to back his former boss.

Barr, who has voiced criticism of Trump since the former president left office in January 2021, delivered these comments during a speech at a Forum Club of Southwest Florida luncheon in Naples, as the Daily Wire reported.

Barr Leans Towards Trump

While Barr has historically remained non-committal about his support in the event of Trump clinching the Republican nomination, his recent remarks signal a shift.

With Trump nearing the completion of the primary race, Barr posited -- albeit with reservations about the risks involved -- that a vote for Trump is preferable to the alternative.

Barr told Axios, "Voting for Trump is playing Russian roulette with the country"

However, he went on, "Voting for Biden is outright national suicide."

Legal Battles and Public Opinion

Trump's journey to the next election is fraught with a host of legal challenges.

He currently faces four separate criminal indictments and significant financial repercussions from civil court decisions -- developments that Trump has vowed to appeal.

These legal entanglements have not deterred Trump's standing in public opinion polls, however.

He currently holds notable leads over Biden in a number of areas, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with the current administration's handling of critical issues such as the economy, inflation, and immigration policies.

Barr attributed some of the legal challenges faced by Trump, particularly the federal case concerning classified materials, directly to Trump's actions.

Nevertheless, he has voiced support for Trump in other legal matters, including cases related to hush money and election disputes.

Expressing his discomfort with the notion of imprisoning former presidents, Barr stated, "I don't like the idea of us putting former presidents in prison.:

"I hope this doesn't end up with him in prison even if he is convicted," Barr added.

Barr's Trump Era Tenure

Barr served as Trump's attorney general for two years until December 2020, when he resigned amid the president's claims of a stolen and rigged election.

Despite overseeing the Department of Justice, Barr asserted that no substantial evidence supported widespread allegations of voter fraud, as The Hill reported.

Barr also notably testified to the Democrat-led House panel probing the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.