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Bill Belichick’s son says father’s next step could include TV sports commentary

By Mandy Donalds
February 26, 2024

Former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick's future may include a shift to television, a development recently suggested by his son, Steve Belichick.

The NFL coaching carousel has left Bill Belichick contemplating his next move, with television commentary emerging as a potential new venture.

Steve Belichick, Bill's son, recently shared insights into what the future might hold for the legendary coach during an appearance on Green Light with Chris Long. According to Steve, his father is exploring various opportunities outside of coaching, which might even include regular appearances on television shows, as reported by Fox News.

Exploring new horizons in television

After a long and successful tenure with the Patriots, Bill Belichick finds himself in uncharted territory.

Despite an impressive coaching resume, the elder Belichick did not secure a head coaching position this offseason, leading to speculation about his next career move.

Steve Belichick's revelations have sparked curiosity about what Bill's role in television might look like. Known for his stoic demeanor during press conferences, the prospect of Bill Belichick engaging with audiences on TV has intrigued many.

Bill's recent appearance on ESPN's College GameDay before the Army-Navy Game offered a glimpse of his potential on-screen presence. His willingness to don a vintage Navy helmet showcased a lighter side seldom seen by the public.

A new chapter post-Patriots

The departure from the New England Patriots marks a significant transition for Bill Belichick.

After a partnership that yielded six Super Bowl victories, the end of this era has led to speculation about his future endeavors.

Steve Belichick's comments suggest that while Bill is moving on from his Patriots legacy, he remains active in seeking new challenges.

The lack of a head coaching offer has not dampened his spirits, as television and other ventures offer alternative platforms to share his vast football knowledge.

Despite the setback of not landing a head coaching job, Bill Belichick's contributions to the NFL remain undisputed. His strategic acumen and coaching philosophy have left an indelible mark on the league and the New England Patriots.

Steve Belichick's career moves

Meanwhile, Steve Belichick has been carving out his own path in the world of football coaching. His recent decision to join the Washington Huskies as defensive coordinator underscores his commitment to forging his own legacy.

Despite offers to remain within the Patriots organization under Bill's successor, Jerod Mayo, Steve chose to explore opportunities that would allow him to grow independently of his father's towering legacy.

Steve's journey reflects the evolving dynamics within the Belichick family, as both father and son navigate their careers in the aftermath of their time together with the Patriots.

The enduring legacy of a coaching dynasty

The Belichick family's impact on football extends beyond Bill's tenure with the Patriots. Steve's ascent within the coaching ranks and his decision to venture out on his own signify the continuation of the Belichick influence in the sport.

As the NFL landscape evolves, Bill Belichick's potential move into television could offer fans a new perspective on the game from one of its most respected figures.

His insights and analysis could enrich football broadcasting, bridging his storied coaching career with a new role in the sport.

The end of an era with the Patriots does not signify the end of Bill Belichick's influence in football.

As he explores new avenues, his legacy as a coach and mentor continues to shape the game, both through his own endeavors and through the careers of those he has influenced, like his son Steve.


  • Bill Belichick is considering television commentary as a new venture.
  • Despite not securing a head coaching role, Belichick remains active in exploring new opportunities.
  • Steve Belichick has chosen his own path in football coaching, joining the Washington Huskies as defensive coordinator.
  • The Belichick legacy continues to influence the NFL, both on and off the field.