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Black congressman, former NFL star endorses Trump in major boost for campaign

 August 20, 2023

Former NFL star and U.S. Congressman Burgess Owens has publicly endorsed Donald Trump's campaign, leveling serious criticisms against President Joe Biden.

Owens, currently representing Utah's Fourth Congressional district, has voiced his staunch support for Trump's candidacy. Additionally, he referred to Biden as "the last segregationist in American politics," as the Daily Mail reported.

Owens' strong stance

Owens emphasized the impact he perceives Trump to have had on African American communities during his time in office, particularly business owners. He remarked:

As a child born in the segregated south, I witnessed Donald Trump help the black community more than any president in my lifetime.

The congressman further expressed his discontentment with Biden. He recalled one of Biden's most controversial statements in recent years saying:

If you don't support him, 'you ain't black'. I don't support him. I'm proud to support Donald Trump in 2024, and I pray he gets the opportunity to finish the record growth he started.

Trump's economic track record

Trump often refers to his tenure's job creation numbers to cement his reputation as a formidable economic force.

He has frequently highlighted the record-low unemployment figures for various demographic groups during his time in office.

However, data reveals a slightly different story. Job creation slowed in Trump's initial year, 2017, registering around 2 million jobs.

In contrast, 2016, the last year of Obama's presidency, saw nearly 2.5 million jobs added.

The COVID-19 pandemic further strained the economy. The outbreak resulted in the loss of 10 million jobs, marking Trump the first president since Herbert Hoover to oversee a net job loss.

Examining the numbers

A 2022 study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development pointed out the disproportionate impact of job losses on Black Americans, Hispanics, and women.

While Trump's administration did witness an addition of approximately 500,000 manufacturing jobs, which is more than the tally added during Obama's second term, the U.S. still had 4.3 million fewer factory jobs in comparison to 2001.

Experts believe that though the country recorded the most jobs before the pandemic, this surge could be attributed to a rising population.

Nobel laureate Paul Romer analyzed Trump's economic performance. He found that before the pandemic, growth under Trump averaged at 2.48% annually.

While this surpasses the 2.41% gains during Obama's second term, it lags behind the 4.2% annual growth seen in Ronald Reagan's era.

Insight into Owens' background

Before entering politics, Owens showcased his athletic prowess in the NFL.

Drafted by the Jets in 1973, he went on to win the Super Bowl XV with the Los Angeles Raiders, wrapping up his NFL career in 1982.

That same year, Owens and his spouse joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which subsequently influenced their move to Utah.

Here, Owens was not only active in charitable organizations but also became a frequent guest on Fox News.

His television appearances played a role in propelling his successful congressional campaign in 2020.

Owens' contributions and beliefs

Currently, Owens is a member of the Education and Labor and the Judiciary committees in Congress. He has spoken passionately about the values he believes Trump represents.

In a 2020 interview, he remarked:

What our country is all about, what our conservatism is all about, what our American way is all about, is Head, Heart, Hands and Home.

Additionally, Owens isn't the sole Utah official supporting Trump this month.

Mayor Trent Staggs of Riverton announced his endorsement for Trump, expressing his concerns regarding Biden's presidential record.


  • Former NFL player Burgess Owens endorses Donald Trump's campaign.
  • Owens praises Trump for aiding black business owners and criticizes Biden.
  • Trump's job creation record presents mixed results.
  • Despite economic claims, the pandemic led to a significant job loss during Trump's tenure.
  • Owens has a deep-rooted NFL history and has been actively involved in politics and charity in Utah.
  • Other Utah officials, like Mayor Trent Staggs, have also shown their support for Trump.