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Black male voters are calling Biden’s aid to Ukraine a slap in the face

By Stew Davidson
January 29, 2024

In Michigan, Black male voters are expressing frustration with President Joe Biden and Democrats over aid to Ukraine, feeling neglected.

A primary concern among these voters is the substantial financial aid sent to Ukraine, which they view as a neglect of pressing domestic issues, particularly in their communities, as reported by FOX News.

Disappointment in Democratic Party's response to community needs

Demar Byas, a resident of Pontiac, Michigan, articulated this sentiment, highlighting the disparity between foreign aid and unaddressed domestic problems. He pointed out the irony in the administration's ability to send substantial aid to Ukraine while seemingly ignoring critical issues at home, such as student loans and homelessness.

Byas said:

If you can send $800 million to Ukraine, you can’t tell me you can’t facilitate that student loan situation whatsoever.

Kerry Tolbert, another resident from Pontiac, echoed Byas' feelings. He expressed his disappointment in watching billions of dollars flow overseas while resources for local communities are scarce.

The frustration among these voters is not just about the financial aspects. It reflects a deeper sense of being overlooked by the party they have traditionally supported. For many, the actions of the Democratic Party do not align with the pressing needs of their communities.

Norman Clement, the founder of the Detroit Change Initiative, shared his lack of hope in the Democratic Party's ability to address the needs of their community. This sentiment is echoed by others who feel that their concerns are only superficially addressed by the party during election cycles.

Clement stated:

All of a sudden, at the last minute in August or September, it’s ‘Black men, can you help save us again?’

There's a growing sentiment among these voters that the Democratic Party's approach to their concerns is inadequate. This feeling is leading some, like Killian-Bey, to consider abstaining from voting in the 2024 elections. The sentiment is a call for more substance and less political posturing.

Contrasting views on former President Trump's directness

Amidst this disappointment with the Democratic Party, some voters have noted a contrast with former President Donald Trump's straightforward approach. Travis Glasper, for example, praised Trump for his directness, despite not supporting him.

Glasper's view is indicative of a broader desire for transparency and straightforwardness in politics, qualities that he and others feel are lacking in the current administration.

Talking about Trump, Glasper said:

He’s straightforward, there’s nothing else behind him, no ulterior motive — what you see is what you get.

Electoral implications for the 2024 Presidential race

The disillusionment among Black male voters in Michigan has significant implications for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. Their concerns and potential voting decisions could impact the Democratic Party's performance in a crucial state.

Kermit Williams, a former city councilman in Pontiac, suggested that the likely outcome is not a shift in allegiance to another party, but rather a decline in voter turnout among Black men.

Byas, despite his criticisms, stated his intention to support Biden in 2024, viewing him as the "lesser of two evils."

The Biden campaign acknowledges the importance of not taking any voters for granted. Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign, emphasized the need to remind communities of the administration's achievements during its first three years.

Broadening discontent among black voters

The frustration in Michigan reflects a broader trend of discontent among Black voters across the United States.

Various issues, including President Biden's age and his support for Israel, have been cited as reasons for hesitancy in supporting his re-election.

In Michigan, Democrats are concerned about the president's standing in the state.

David Haener, a Democrat from New Boston, Michigan, specifically mentioned the president's support for Israel as costing him support among a significant demographic group.


  • Black male voters in Michigan express frustration with the Democratic Party, particularly over aid to Ukraine.
  • There is a perceived neglect of domestic issues like student loans and homelessness in favor of foreign aid.
  • Voters are disillusioned with what they see as a lack of substantial action from the Democratic Party.
  • Some praise former President Trump's directness but do not necessarily support him.
  • The potential impact on voter turnout in the 2024 elections is significant, with many considering not voting.
  • Biden's campaign acknowledges the need to work harder to retain the support of these crucial voters.