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'Boy Meets World' star is running for Congress as a Democrat

By Sarah May on
 March 11, 2023

As Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-30) gears up to run for the Senate set to be vacated by Dianne Feinstein's impending retirement, news has emerged that 90s sitcom star Ben Savage is launching a campaign to replace him in the U.S. House of Representatives, as The Hill reports.

Savage, 42, is perhaps best known for his seven-season stint as Cory Matthews on the ABC hit Boy Meets World, and in declaring his candidacy, he indicated a desire to eradicate some of the “negativity” he feels plagues Washington, D.C.

Savage launches House bid

The actor took to Instagram this week to announce his intentions and explain the rationale behind his decision to campaign for Schiff's congressional seat.

Declaring himself “a proud Californian, union member and longtime resident of District 30,” Savage said he “comes from a family of unwavering service to our country and community.”

The former child star went on to tout his commitment to “standing up for what is right, ensuring equality and expanding opportunities for all.”

“I'm running for Congress because it's time to restore faith in government by offering reasonable, innovative and compassionate solutions to our country's most pressing issues,” Savage added, noting that he represents those who “want to see the government operating at maximum capacity, unhindered by political divisions and special interests.”

“It's about doing good”

During an appearance this week on ABC program GMA3: What You Need to Know, Savage said his campaign is “about doing good, and it's about doing the right thing,” as The Hill further noted.

“Of course issues like housing, homelessness, health care are very important and near and dear to my heart,” Savage stated before adding, “but it's really about changing the tone.”

In that vein, Savage opined, “I think there's negativity in Washington, D.C. that we need to address. We need to bring more young people into the political process. We need to increase civility. We need to work on getting things done in Washington, D.C. and we need to be more of a solutions-based government – and prominently and preeminently we need to restore faith in government, which I think is lacking right now.”

Suggesting that his life as an actor has prepared him well for the role he is currently seeking, Savage said, “It's about bringing people together. I've always been associated with art projects in the entertainment industry that are usually focused around themes of bringing people together, inspiring passion, and encouraging people to do good.”

Unsuccessful run in 2022

The campaign for Schiff's House seat is not Savage's first attempt to enter the world of politics, as he mounted an ultimately unsuccessful run last fall for a spot on the West Hollywood City Council, as NPR notes.

As Los Angeles outlet KTLA reported at the time, Savage was said to be dissatisfied with local government in the town he had called home for 18 years.

“People have become disappointed with the direction the city is heading,” Savage explained. “Residents and community leaders have expressed frustration with the political divisiveness and a loss of a sense of community. People are eager for leaders who can talk to each other, build coalitions, work together on common sense policies and put the interests of the city and residents above their own,” he added,” echoing themes found in his congressional campaign announcement.

KTLA further noted that Savage's involvement in politics dates back to 2003, when he served as an intern for then-Sen. Arlen Spector (R-PA) while studying at Stanford University.

Potential rival bows out

Though it remains to be seen just how crowded the field for Schiff's seat ultimately becomes, Savage did receive a bit of potentially good news last month, when one prospective rival for the job announced that he had no plans to seek it.

As CBS News reported, Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian – thought by some to be a prime contender to enter the race – declared that he would not be mounting a campaign for the spot.

“Since Representative Adam Schiff declared his candidacy for the United States Senate, many friends and colleagues have urged me to run for the open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives,” Krekorian said in a statement.

Krekorian continued, “But circumstances have presented me with the responsibility of a lifetime in serving as president of the Los Angeles City Council during a time of extraordinary challenges,” and as such, the local politician added that he would not be pursuing the post, perhaps freeing up some votes for Savage to earn.