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Sources Suggest Biden Cognitive Decline Has Been Concern for Months

 July 3, 2024

Anonymous sources close to President Biden allege that there have been numerous instances over the past year and a half where the president has exhibited signs of cognitive and physical decline, similar to his performance in a recent presidential debate.

The allegations highlight what is said to be a long pattern of concerning behavior, prompting debates about Biden's capacity to lead amidst a highly competitive presidential race, as Fox News reports.

Sources Close to Biden Raise Concerns

Anonymous sources have claimed that President Biden has had "15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half" where he exhibited signs of cognitive decline.

These sources, described as close to Biden and including some who have raised money for him, have voiced their concerns about his performance and well-being.

Carl Bernstein reported these claims on CNN, stating that several people close to the president are aware of such incidents. Bernstein noted that during a recent address following the Supreme Court ruling on Trump's legal cases, Biden appeared at his best.

However, sources warn that there has been a marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity, particularly in the last six months. This has raised alarms among those familiar with the president's health.

Specific Incidents Highlight Concerns

Over the past year, some sources informed top Biden ally Ron Klain about these issues. They reported that Biden has "lost his train of thought" multiple times, adding to the concern. One specific incident a year ago at a fundraiser at the Four Seasons restaurant involved Biden becoming very stiff, requiring a chair to continue the event.

Sources reportedly brought their concerns to Ron Klain and the First Family but were repeatedly pushed back. Despite these instances, Biden has been described as "sharp" during national security meetings, highlighting the inconsistency of his cognitive issues.

Bernstein emphasized the persistence of this issue, noting that it needs further exploration. Many Democrats are concerned about the president's ability to maintain his responsibilities effectively.

Responses, or Lack Thereof

Neither the White House nor Biden's campaign responded to requests for comment on these allegations. The lack of response has added to the speculation and concern surrounding Biden's health.

Biden's recent debate performance has led to significant criticism and calls for his withdrawal from the presidential race. This has intensified the scrutiny on his cognitive abilities.

The New York Times editorial board suggested that Biden should not seek re-election, despite acknowledging his achievements. This sentiment reflects the growing concern among prominent voices in the political landscape.

Prominent Democrats Continue Support

Despite these concerns, prominent Democrats, including former President Obama, continue to support Biden. They emphasize the stakes of the upcoming election and the importance of Biden's leadership in contrast to his opponents.

Obama noted that bad debate nights happen, drawing from his own experience. He highlighted the ongoing choice between a leader who fights for ordinary people and one who only cares about himself.

The former president's comments underscore the political stakes and the need for strong leadership in the upcoming election. He pointed out the difference between someone who tells the truth and someone who lies for personal gain.


In conclusion, anonymous sources close to President Biden have raised concerns about his cognitive and physical decline over the past year and a half. These claims have led to increased scrutiny and calls for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.

Despite these concerns, prominent Democrats, including former President Obama, continue to support Biden, emphasizing the importance of his leadership in the upcoming election.