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Briahna Joy Gray's Employment Terminated by The Hill After Controversial Interview

 June 8, 2024

In a dramatic turn of events, Briahna Joy Gray, former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders and a well-known political commentator was fired from The Hill after a contentious interview with Yarden Gonen, whose sister Romi was abducted by Hamas on Oct. 7.

The termination came in the wake of Gray’s allegedly unprofessional conduct during the aforementioned interview, which included an eye-roll and an abrupt end to the conversation, as the New York Post reports.

Gray's dismissal from The Hill followed an interview that drew significant controversy. During the conversation, Yarden Gonen shared the harrowing experience of her sister Romi Gonen, who was kidnapped by Hamas militants while fleeing the Nova Music Festival on Oct. 7.

In the course of the interview, Yarden recounted the traumatic events, detailing how Romi was dragged by her hair and rendered unconscious by the militants. This narrative focused on the personal and emotional toll on her sister rather than veering into broader political issues.

Gray’s Dismissive Behavior Sparks Outrage

The interview took an unexpected turn when Gray, during her interaction with Yarden, exhibited behavior perceived as dismissive by viewers. The specific incident that ignited backlash involved Gray rolling her eyes and abruptly wrapping up the conversation with a curt remark.

"I really hope that you, specifically, will believe women when they say that they got hurt," Yarden implored during the interview. Gray responded plainly, "All right thanks for joining. Stick around."

Yarden’s plea for empathy and understanding came after detailing Romi's plight. She emphasized the importance of believing and supporting victims of such traumatic experiences, making a heartfelt appeal for wider acknowledgment and awareness.

Reactions and Gray’s Response

Hen Mazzig, a commentator, publicly condemned Gray’s actions on social media, highlighting her dismissive gesture and expressing outrage. "The Hill’s @briebriejoy rolling her eyes and sighing after Yarden Gonen, sister of a hostage in Gaza, asking her to believe rape victims." Mazzig added, "No low this person won’t sink to, truly disgusting."

Following the incident, Gray took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce her firing, stating, "It finally happened. The Hill has fired me." Her dismissal came swiftly, with an official from The Hill confirming her departure to the Post.

Gray suggested that her firing might be part of a more significant scheme, indicating she felt targeted, "There should be no doubt that @RisingTheHill has a clear pattern of suppressing speech — particularly when it’s critical of the state of Israel."

Implications of the Interview

Yarden Gonen’s main purpose during Gray's show was to shine a light on her sister’s suffering and the broader human issues involved. "I am here to talk about my sister; please, help me spread her story. Help me make people understand what she is going through as a woman in 2024," Yarden pleaded during the interview.

In her recount, Yarden highlighted Romi's ordeal, noting, "And this is only the things that happened to my little sister on Oct. 7, and from then, we don’t know what else."

The interview and its aftermath highlight the complexities and sensitivities in media interactions, especially concerning deeply personal and politically charged topics. Gray’s perceived insensitivity towards Yarden's account played a pivotal role in her termination.

Gray’s Controversial Dismissal

Gray’s behavior during the interview has been widely criticized online, prompting robust discussions about professionalism and empathy in journalism. Criticism mounted rapidly, reflecting the public's sentiment towards her actions.

Particularly, the moment where Yarden questioned Gray’s attitude stood out. "This is how you treat people? This is how you treat people?" Yarden asked, following Gray's dismissive response.

Upon being fired, Gray publicly shared her skepticism regarding the motivations behind her termination, framing it within the context of broader issues of censorship and control concerning sensitive political commentary.


Briahna Joy Gray, a former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders, was fired from The Hill following her controversial interview with Yarden Gonen, whose sister was abducted by Hamas on Oct. 7.

The dismissal followed Gray's unprofessional behavior, marked by an eyeroll and an abrupt end to the interview, which sparked online outrage.

Gray announced her firing on X, suggesting it was part of a coordinated effort. The incident underscores the importance of sensitivity and professionalism in journalistic practices.