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Britain’s Air Force swarms Putin’s forces in Black Sea

 September 10, 2023

Amid rising tensions in the Black Sea, the British Royal Air Force has intervened to safeguard Ukraine's vital food trade against Russian advances.

The recent escalation in the Black Sea has seen the British Royal Air Force playing a pivotal role in defending Ukraine's international food trade. This move is in response to Russia's persistent efforts to establish a blockade around Ukraine, effectively disrupting the nation's import-export infrastructure, as MSN reported.

Impact of Russia's aggressive maneuvers

Russia, under President Vladimir Putin's command, has launched drone strikes and missile attacks, devastating essential Ukrainian ports.

The outcome of these aggressive endeavors threatens not just Ukraine's economy but could also potentially escalate global food prices, warning experts of a possible worldwide food crisis.

These actions by Russia come in the wake of their withdrawal from a treaty ensuring the safe passage of grain ships, a testament to the heightened tensions in the region.

Ukraine's grain trade under attack

The magnitude of the damage inflicted upon Ukraine's grain trade infrastructure is substantial.

Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, voiced his concerns about the situation:

They (Russia) destroy the infrastructure, including elevators where grain intended for export to foreign markets is stored.

Marchuk believes Russia's intent is clear: to diminish Ukraine's exports, thereby creating an opportunity for Russia to penetrate and dominate new foreign markets.

UK's surveillance and countermeasures

As the situation unfolds, the United Kingdom has not remained a passive observer.

According to inside sources, the U.K. has spearheaded intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions to keep a watchful eye on Russian activities in the Black Sea vicinity.

In a proactive measure to deter Russia from targeting civilian grain carriers, RAF aircraft have been dispatched to conduct surveillance flights over the region.

This move further reinforces the UK's stance as a staunch critic of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak's call for G20 intervention

On the global stage, prior to the G20 summit in New Delhi, India, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his concerns over the ramifications of Russia's actions.

Alluding to the potential surge in food prices, Sunak underscored the wider consequences of "Russia's war on millions of vulnerable people worldwide".

He urged the G20 nations to collectively address the global repercussions stemming from Russia's stranglehold on essential resources, particularly their relentless assault on Ukraine's grain supplies.

Ukraine's counterstrategies and Russia's continued aggression

In a bid to bypass the Black Sea blockade, Ukrainian grain vessels have rerouted via the Danube River.

However, Russia has been swift to adapt to this tactic, subsequently targeting ports situated along this river, especially those near NATO member state, Romania.

Oleg Kiper, the regional governor overseeing these ports, revealed the interception and destruction of 14 Iranian Shahed drones in a single evening.

Appeals for international assistance

Given the severity of the situation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reached out to Prime Minister Sunak, calling for aid. He subsequently tweeted about the pressing need:

We need partners to help us strengthen the air defense of the Odesa region.

In response to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, President Putin initiated drone strikes on Danube River ports in July, further stifling Ukraine's grain exports.

President Zelenskyy, undeterred, announced measures to counter these strikes, prioritizing the defense of Ukraine's energy system, crucial infrastructure, Odesa region ports, and the grain corridor infrastructure.


  • The British Royal Air Force has taken a proactive stance against Russia's attempts to blockade Ukraine's food trade.
  • Putin-led Russia's attacks on Ukrainian ports risk triggering a global food crisis.
  • Ukraine seeks alternative routes via the Danube River to sidestep the Black Sea blockade.
  • Russia continues its aggressive advances, targeting the newly adopted routes.
  • Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is urging for international assistance, emphasizing the defense of key regions and infrastructure.