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Cab driver claims he has bomb, forcing shutdown of US-Canada border in Maine

 May 30, 2023

The US-Canada border in Maine was closed after a high-speed incident involving a driver allegedly possessing a bomb. The man, who refused police orders, was subsequently fired upon by law enforcement.

The alarming incident unfolded on the I-95 highway near Houlton, resulting in a temporary border closure, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Maine State Police became aware of a truck on I-95 around 10:40 a.m. Monday. The vehicle, reportedly carrying a sign suggesting it was loaded with explosives, was driven by Tony Holford, 42, from Providence, Rhode Island.

Holford ignored police attempts to stop his vehicle, instead continuing towards the Canadian Port of Entry.

Tense Confrontation at Border Crossing Ends Without Injury

The tense situation escalated at the Canadian Port of Entry. Corporal Eric Paquette of the State Police discharged his weapon at Holford, who was not injured and subsequently surrendered to the police.

Following his surrender, Holford was transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

Investigations Underway

In a statement, the Maine State Police confirmed that Holford had been charged with aggravated reckless conduct, terrorizing, and failure to stop, as reported by CNN.

They also announced, "The Office of the Maine Attorney General and the Maine State Police are currently working with Canadian authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident."

Maine State Police Bomb Squad and crime scene technicians remain at the scene, continuing to gather evidence and process the area.

Border Crossing Closure Causes Traffic Disruption

The border crossing point remained closed for the night due to the incident, causing significant disruption for those traveling between Maine and Canada.

Travelers were advised to seek alternate routes, as social media images showed long lines of traffic held up for hours. Trucks were seen idle on the sides of I-95, awaiting the reopening of the border crossing.

The Houlton border crossing, leading into Woodstock, New Brunswick, is one of the busiest crossing points in the nation, which amplified the scale of the disruption.

The Canadian Border Services Agency's Atlantic branch announced on Twitter that all lanes of the Woodstock border crossing, the site of the incident, were closed on Monday for the investigation. However, they were reopened later the same evening.