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California dental office employee fired after racist McDonald’s rant

 August 27, 2023

A dental office staff member from California, who made racially insensitive remarks at McDonald's that spread widely on TikTok, has been fired, as the Daily Mail reports.

From Argument to Outrage

The individual, identified as Gina Aiello, engaged in a vehement argument with McDonald's workers and patrons.

In the controversial 13-second footage, viewed more than 2 million times, Aiello is seen in heated discourse with another customer, Luis Aceves.

The video clip starts with Aceves blaming Aiello for "trying to degrade people" after she seemed to have had a dispute with the restaurant's staff over soda.

In a heated exchange, she shouts a derogatory comment, "f**k you, you f**king Mexican," at Aceves before holding up her middle finger and storming out the door, leaving other customers visibly shocked.

A friend of Aceves, who was recording the incident, expressed his disbelief at her response.

Aceves Recounts Viral McDonald's Altercation

According to Aceves, the initial disagreement began when Aiello expressed extreme dissatisfaction with a drive-thru employee regarding her beverage.

He recalls hearing employees discussing a customer who was using strong language with them.

Aceves mentioned," 'For me, it was like, "Alright, that's none of my business," however, once she started asking, "Who are you? Look at where you work. Look at what you're wearing. You're working at McDonald's."

While Aceves was the recipient of her derogatory comment, he showed empathy, suggesting she might have just had an off day.

He emphasized the importance of unity, saying, "'We shouldn't even be doing this to each other, we shouldn't be going at each other like this."

Aceves added, "We're all struggling, we're all trying to find our purpose in life, sometimes it just sucks when we're having a bad day."

Employer's Response to the Viral Episode

Soon after the video gained traction online, Aiello was relieved of her duties at Jack Ohanesian Dentist and Dental Surgery located in Fresno, California. The establishment promptly addressed the incident.

In an official statement, Ohanesian articulated that Aiello was no longer affiliated with their practice, emphasizing the office's commitment to upholding the values of diversity and inclusion.

He said, "An employee who was seen on video making offensive comments is no longer a part of our team."

The statement added, "We remain committed to our patients, dedicated to delivering outstanding care by a kind and competent team."

"Our unwavering dedication is towards our patients and providing top-notch care through a compassionate and proficient team," the statement concluded.