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Carville: Mini-Primary Needed To Replace Biden As 2024 Candidate

 July 9, 2024

Democratic stalwart James Carville has unveiled a bold strategy to replace President Joe Biden as the party's candidate for the 2024 election, advocating for a unique mini-primary process.

Carville's proposal involves town hall events and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton selecting and facilitating new candidates, a process he says is necessary in order to stave off a devastating Biden loss in November, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Carville Predicts Loss Unless New Candidate Emerges

In a recent op-ed for the New York Times, Carville warned that the party is facing a near-certain loss in the upcoming presidential election if President Joe Biden remains on the ticket. He is unequivocal in his assessment, implying that Democrats must act to avoid a looming electoral disaster.

Carville is adamant that merely replacing Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris immediately is not a feasible solution. Instead, he offers an innovative and reportedly democratic alternative. This proposed mini-primary aims to reinvigorate the party and engage the electorate.

Rep. Jim Clyburn is reportedly among the supporters of this unconventional plan, lending an air of credibility and urgency to Carville's proposal.

Mini-Primary to Feature Town Halls and Obama, Clinton

The core of Carville’s strategy involves conducting a mini-primary that includes a series of town halls and features former presidents. He suggests that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton could spearhead the candidate selection process, bringing their considerable political experience and public appeal to the forefront.

The envisioned process would begin with Obama and Clinton selecting a diverse array of eight candidates. This roster would not exclude Harris but would incorporate other potential leaders as well.

Four town halls would be held across significant regions: the South, Northeast, Midwest, and West. These forums aim to allow Americans to see and interact with the candidates, providing a diverse cross-section of the electorate with ample opportunity to assess the potential nominees.

Planned Town Halls as American Political Showpieces

The town halls are positioned as key moments in this political drama. Carville suggests that these events will not only introduce Americans to other charismatic leaders but will also reframe perceptions of current leaders such as Harris.

Carville invokes the enthusiasm and national engagement typically associated with major sporting events, specifically the Super Bowl, to describe how energizing and participatory these events could be.

The events are expected to be highly democratic, diverging from what Carville described as the autocratic tendencies of former President Donald Trump and his supporters. This stark contrast aims to highlight the Democratic Party’s commitment to democratic principles.

Delegates and Convention to Finalize Candidate

Following the town halls, the decision-making power would shift to the delegates at the Democratic National Convention in August. These delegates would utilize the town hall outcomes to further assess the candidates before casting their votes.

Carville stresses that this process epitomizes democracy, distancing it from any notion of backroom negotiations and highlighting its transparency.

He emphasizes, “We’re going to nominate a new ticket in a highly democratic and novel way, not in the backrooms of Washington, D.C., or Chicago.” This underscores his vision of a participatory and open selection procedure.

Biden's Intentions and Party Dynamics

However, this ambitious plan comes against a backdrop of continued support for Biden within the Democratic Party. Despite some calls for him to step down, the majority of Democrats have remained steady in their backing of the current president.

In alignment with his supporters, Biden has declared his determination to continue his campaign and remain on the ticket for the upcoming election. This sets the stage for potential intra-party tensions as Carville’s proposal challenges this status quo.

Carville’s plan, while innovative, represents a significant departure from traditional methods of candidate selection. His vision for town halls facilitated by prominent former presidents aims to add gravitas to the proceedings and ensure substantive public engagement.


James Carville is advocating for a radical shift in the Democratic Party’s approach to the 2024 presidential election. Predicting a crushing loss if the status quo is maintained, he proposes a mini-primary process facilitated by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Through a series of town halls across key regions, the plan aims to introduce a fresh lineup of candidates, including Kamala Harris, and foster democratic engagement. Despite Biden's declared insistence about continuing his campaign, this plan highlights the growing debate within the party about the best path forward for the upcoming election.