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Cheryl Hines, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star, declares support for husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign

 April 15, 2023

Cheryl Hines, actress and wife of 2024 presidential contender Robert Kennedy Jr., said she is offering her full support to her husband's run for the White House.

Hines shared the response to reporters at the Boston airport on Thursday ahead of Kennedy's official announcement.

The statement

"I support my husband 100 percent and I love my husband," the actress said Thursday, according to the Daily Mail.

"'It's going to be fun,' she said of the Boston campaign kick-off event," it added.

The left attacks

Despite plans to run as a moderate Democrat, Kennedy has already been attacked by the mainstream media, especially over his vocal opposition to COVID-19 vaccines.

"Is it a sign of my campaign’s strength that the Elite of DC’s establishment media simultaneously and shamelessly published an orchestrated and baseless lie to smear me, even before I announce my presidential campaign?" he tweeted.

"CBS News’s Bob Costa, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Vanity Fair, and Salon are circulating fake news that the American people have come to expect and despise," he added.

According to Kennedy's social media, he plans to make his official announcement on April 19 to run for the Democratic nomination against President Joe Biden.

The 'anti-vaccine' Dem candidate?

As news began to spread that Kennedy was considering a run, outlets like CNN swiftly labeled him as an anti-vaccine candidate.

"Environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in 2024 as a Democrat," CNN stated.

"The 69-year-old is the son of former New York senator, US attorney general and assassinated 1968 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy," it added.

Kennedy will face an uphill battle against Biden as most party members have already given their support to his campaign.

Biden has not yet announced his own run for reelection, however, leaving ongoing speculation about the 80-year-old Democrat's future plans and whether another candidate could arise in his place.

The latest comments from Kennedy's wife show that he plans to be a major threat to Biden as the 2024 election begins to heat up with contenders on both sides.