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Chicago Democrat’s solution for out-of-control murder rate: Beg gangs to shoot people only at night

 August 22, 2023

A Democratic representative in Chicago has proposed an unconventional approach to combat the city's alarming homicide figures: asking gang members to limit their shootings to evening hours, as Daily Wire reported.

Maria Hadden, an elected Chicago alderwoman who serves a term of four years, relayed an initiative from the Native Sons group, which proposes asking gang members to confine their shooting sprees to the hours of 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Tatiana Atkins, one of the founders of Native Sons, remarked, "Our goal is to approach our city's gun violence problem strategically and not all at once. Things didn't become this way overnight, and change won't happen overnight," as cited by CWB Chicago.

A Shift in Attitude and Lifestyle

The proposed ordinance extends beyond mere time restrictions. Atkins elaborated on the need for societal change as well.

"Under this ordinance, we ask that people stop associating with and glorifying shooters, cease the glorification of 'switches,' and desist from donning ski masks ubiquitously, which cast them in a dubious light," Atkins expressed.

She went on to emphasize the risks posed when individuals involved in violent activities mix with the general public.

For the uninitiated, "switches" are modifications that can turn certain semi-automatic firearms into virtually automatic ones.

She further rationalized the night-hour proposal by adding, "If people know that after a certain hour, the likelihood of them being shot by an unknown and unprovoked assailant are at a higher risk, they will be less likely to be out and about, and they may become more proactive with the supervision of their children."

Atkins highlighted the tragic spectrum of gun violence victims, emphasizing that individuals ranging from five-year-olds, teenagers, elderly citizens, pregnant women, young boys with promising futures, to fathers are losing their lives.

She stressed the urgent need to address this grave issue.

Sharing her proactive outreach efforts, Atkins revealed, "I myself have reached out to active gang members in regard to this ordinance and have had more positive feedback than negative and have even had some of them (a small few) post this ordinance to their social media as well."

Atkins emphasized the influential nature of current societal trends. She suggested that if the media, government officials, and community residents support and endorse the ordinance, it is more probable that the broader population will resonate with and adhere to it.

Chicago's Unenviable Record

A disturbing report from February of 2023 unveiled that, in 2022, Chicago outpaced other major U.S. cities in the homicide count, registering a staggering 697 such killings.

For comparison, Philadelphia reported 516, New York City 438, Houston 435, and Los Angeles 382.

Just last weekend, Chicago witnessed 23 shooting incidents, with four resulting in fatalities.

The previous weekend, a tragedy struck when an eight-year-old girl was one of seven individuals who lost their lives, as the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Chicago's grim distinction of leading the country in homicides is not new; it has held this unfortunate position for 11 straight years.