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Chicago police officers hospitalized after assailant turned dogs on them as violent crime spirals

 September 11, 2023

Three officers from the Chicago Police Department were hospitalized after two hostile dogs attacked them on Sunday, as Fox News reported, in yet another frightening instance of the rising crime that is gripping America's cities and drawing attention from presidential candidates including Donald Trump.

While conducting an inquiry on the 4000 block of West Wilcox Avenue, officers encountered a situation in which a woman tried to interfere at around 11:22 in the morning. 

In the midst of this, another individual released two dogs into the path of the officers.

Police Statment

The Chicago Police Department released a statement that said, "During the encounter, an unknown individual unleashed two canines."

Consequently, "Three officers sustained dog bites, and an officer discharged their weapon striking the canine," the department added.

Officer Fires at Dog: What Witnesses Say

The New York Post reported that one officer discharged his weapon, hitting one of the dogs. 

However, a witness to the event mentioned that the canine wasn't acting aggressively.

According to neighbors, the canines did not deserve the use of force.

Brenda Cunningham, a neighbor of the dogs' owner, mentioned that the police had just taken her son into custody when they approached the vicinity of the dogs. 

She recounted that the dog's owner and his two pets stepped outside, which seemed to alarm the officers, 

"When the dogs emerged, the officers' reactions intensified: 'Secure the dogs, get hold of the dogs.' They were trying to control the two canines," Cunningham explained to ABC 7.

She continued, "The dogs never got aggressive with these officers … The dog did not one time went after the officer to bite him or anything like that, ma'am. No, he did not. That officer just pulled out his gun and shot twice."

Another neighbor commented that one dog suffered a gunshot wound to its face.

In the wake of the incident, the injured canine was transported to animal care. Its current health status remains uncertain.

Aftermath of the Incident  

The injured officers were promptly moved to a nearby hospital and remain listed in stable condition. 

After the incident, the police reportedly took one female into custody. 

"One female offender is in custody. Charges are pending," Chicago police confirmed.