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Close Aides Hiding Biden from Others Inside White House: Report

 July 1, 2024

In an unexpected debate performance on Thursday, President Joe Biden left White House aides stunned.

Much of the shock was attributed to the ongoing efforts of the president's closest aides to limit his interactions since the beginning of his presidency, which served to keep the extent of his challenges under wraps, as Breitbart reports.

Efforts to Limit Interactions Started Early

Biden’s key advisors, including Jill Biden’s aide Anthony Bernal and deputy chief of staff Annie Tomasini, have been integral in curbing his engagements.

This strategy has resulted in a noticeable distance between the president and the White House residence staff. Insights from a former residence official highlight this protective approach, emphasizing Jill Biden’s role in it. “Jill Biden was very protective of the president, and Anthony Bernal backed her up, often preventing the staff from assisting them,” stated a former residence official.

An Unusual Separation Within the White House

This separation, according to the official, is highly unusual compared to previous administrations, such as the Trump administration. The official elaborated, "The division between the family and the residence staff was significant, unlike usual practices."

Moreover, insiders noted that Biden’s closest aides, like Bernal and Tomasini, maintained unique access to the President's living quarters, raising concerns among the residence staff.

Debate Performance Raises Eyebrows

Thursday's debate performance was not the sole incident leading to concerns. A previous instance on July 4, 2021, saw Biden’s aides blocking residence staff from assisting him after he spent hours in the heat, claiming he was "just a little overheated." This incident reinforced the perception that Biden’s aides were creating boundaries around his health, arousing further apprehensions.

Chandler West, a former deputy White House director of photography, openly criticized Biden’s inner circle following the debate. In an Instagram post, West pointed out that Biden’s behavior witnessed during the debate was part of a larger, ongoing issue.

Criticisms from Within the Circle

“The debate was not the first bad day, and it’s not going to be the last,” West commented. He also mentioned that Biden's aides often dismissed similar incidents by stating the president was having an off day or a bad night.

"For weeks and months, in private, they have all said what we saw last night -- Joe is not as strong as he was just a couple of years ago," West wrote. These remarks indicate underlying concerns about Biden’s health and ability to maintain his role effectively.

White House Denies Shielding Allegations

Despite the criticisms, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates refuted the claims that Biden’s closest aides were shielding him from interactions. “In every administration, there are individuals who would prefer more time with the President and senior officials,” Bates noted.

He also emphasized Biden’s dedication to working alongside a diverse team, achieving significant results for Americans due to his perseverance and experience.

Commitment to Historic Results

“President Biden fights hard for families every day, with a wide range of team members, at what he is proud is the most diverse White House ever -- achieving historic results for the American people," Bates added.

Nevertheless, the reports and criticisms indicate a deeper issue concerning the president’s health and the shielding behavior of his closest aides.

A Look into the Future

Thursday's debate has brought to the forefront existing concerns about President Biden's health and the role of his key aides in protecting him.

The protective measures and limited interactions with the residence staff may have contributed to the shocking debate performance.

As days progress, it remains to be seen how the administration will address these concerns and allegations of shielding within the White House.

Summary of White House Dynamics

The unexpected debate performance has highlighted the efforts of Biden’s aides to limit his interactions since the start of his presidency.

This has led to unusual separation within the White House and raised questions about Biden's health and the role of his closest aides in managing it.

The White House, however, denies any allegations of shielding, emphasizing Biden’s commitment to a diverse team and his achievements for American families.