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CNN grills Biden spokeswoman over Americans' concern about his age

 August 30, 2023

In an interview on Tuesday, CNN's Jake Tapper confronted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about public anxiety surrounding President Joe Biden's age, as the Daily Wire reported.

Referring to an Associated Press survey, Tapper pointed out that according to the poll, "77% of adults are worried."

Public Figures Weigh In

Tapper also brought up a comment made by former South Carolina Gov. and current GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Tapper mentioned Haley's insinuation that President Biden appeared to be deteriorating and suggested the likelihood of Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the presidency in a subsequent term.

Jean-Pierre chose to side-step a direct answer, referencing the Hatch Act and stating, "I'm not going to respond directly to Nikki Haley."

Instead, Jean-Pierre emphasized some of President Biden's alleged achievements.

According to the survey, over 75% of participants in the poll expressed concerns that Biden might be too old to serve effectively if re-elected as president next year, The Guardian reported.

Yet, former President Donald Trump, who is just a few years younger than Biden, elicits notably fewer age-related concerns.

Tapper's Persisting Queries

Despite Jean-Pierre's attempt to redirect, Tapper insisted on discussing the age concern.

His question centered on Biden's age and his capability to credibly serve, given his advanced years.

He said, "And you're talking about the record, and I understand why you'd rather talk about the record."

Tapper emphasized that his main concern was Americans' perception when they see President Biden on TV, noting his lengthy tenure in politics and the inevitable effects of aging.

He clarified that he wasn't questioning the president's physical abilities.

The CNN host stated, "He's 80. I think the average age of the American male only lives to be 77 or something."

Biden's Age a "Major" concern

Recent surveys conducted by multiple organizations have consistently highlighted the increasing concerns among American voters about the president's age.

An April poll from NBC News indicated that 70% of Americans believe Biden should not seek re-election, with even 51% of Democrats echoing that sentiment.

Among those who believe Biden should not run again, half cited his age as a "major" reason.