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Comer Requests Testimony from White House Physician Amid New Biden Health Questions

 July 8, 2024

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is questioning President Joe Biden’s mental fitness as well as potentially damning business connections involving his doctor.

Comer has asked that the current White House physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, testify before Congress regarding these concerns and any involvement with the Biden family business endeavors, as Fox News reports.

Comer Demands Dr. O’Connor's Appearance

Comer, leading the House Oversight Committee, is pressing for O’Connor to appear before Congress. The GOP lawmaker aims to scrutinize O’Connor’s connections with the Biden family business and evaluate his capability to provide independent health assessments of the president.

Amid growing concerns, questions have been raised regarding O'Connor's medical evaluations, suggesting they might be influenced by his professional ties with Americore Health, LLC, and the Biden family.

Specifically, critiques followed President Biden's debate performance against former President Trump on June 27 which prompted scrutiny of his overall health and cognitive condition.

Earlier this year, Dr. O’Connor declared Biden fit to serve, yet did not order a cognitive test. Evidence aligning O'Connor with Americore Health, LLC, for which James Biden was once an influential figure, further intensifies these concerns.

Connections with Americore Health, LLC Examined

Americore, a rural hospital operator, has been under investigation due to its link to James Biden, the President's brother. In 2018, James Biden received a $200,000 payment from Americore, which he described as a loan repayment to Joe Biden.

James Biden's involvement with Americore was purportedly based on leveraging his family name, promising significant funding due to perceived political connections.

Carol Fox, a trustee for Americore’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, provided testimony supporting claims of James Biden making such representations.

Additionally, James Biden testified about his interactions with Dr. O’Connor, particularly during James’s alleged work for Americore. He mentioned O’Connor’s support in addressing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcoholism.

Questions on O’Connor’s Role and Independence

In sworn statements, James Biden recounted meetings in which both Dr. O'Connor and Hunter Biden were present with Americore officials. This adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

While the White House has stated that President Biden hasn't received a medical examination since February, Biden himself told governors he was recently checked out and is in good health. These conflicting accounts further fuel the inquiry.

Comer emphasized the importance of resolving apparent inconsistencies between the White House communications and President Biden's statements regarding his health. The Committee is keen on understanding the extent of Dr. O’Connor's current responsibilities at the White House.

Comer’s Specific Requests

Comer's letter emphasizes the need for transparency, requesting Dr. O’Connor to attend a transcribed interview by July 14. Moreover, Comer has asked for documents concerning Americore and any interactions with James Biden.

Calls are growing for President Biden to suspend his re-election campaign amidst health concerns, though Biden remains steadfast in his candidacy. "I am running. I am the leader of the Democratic Party. No one is pushing me out," Biden asserted.

Conclusion: Comer Seeks Clarification

In summary, Representative James Comer is urging White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor to testify regarding President Biden's health and potential influences from family business ties. Accusations point to O'Connor's medical assessments possibly being affected by his interactions with James Biden and Americore Health, LLC.

As conflicting statements about Biden's health persist, the House Oversight Committee aims to clarify these matters through a formal investigation.

The impending July 14 interview and request for detailed documentation will be pivotal in addressing these alleged contradictions and maintaining presidential transparency.