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Communists burn American flags outside of Jason Aldean’s concern, claim that America was never great

 September 12, 2023

A group of individuals identifying with communist ideologies ignited several American flags on Saturday evening outside a concert performance given by country music star Jason Aldean in Chicago, as Fox News reported.

The demonstrators were pushing for recognition of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom).

RevCom members advocate for a Marxist overhaul of the United States, labeling America "the belly of the beast."

Outcry and Flag Burning: Police Step In

The group of around 20 demonstrators also shouted phrases like "F–k the U.S. and all its might" as they torched the aforementioned flags, according to video footage posted by News2Share.

Shortly after that, police arrived and declared the gathering illegal, noting that the demonstrators' actions were causing public concern and distress.

"You are disturbing the public peace without the authority of law. We are ordering you to immediately disperse. Failure to comply can result in chemical or less legal conditions being deployed," a Tinley Park police officer told the group through a bullhorn over their chants, as the New York Post reported.

RevCom's Manifesto

RevCom's official online portal states: "The Revolutionary Communist Party… has taken on the responsibility to lead a revolution in the U.S., the belly of the imperialist beast, as its principal share of the world revolution and the ultimate aim of communism."

Mao's approach, especially his emphasis on the "scientific method" during the Cultural Revolution, received particular acclaim in the group's manifesto.

Linking their Protest to Aldean's Song

The chant "We did it in a small town! We did it in a small town!" echoed from the protesters after some of them set the American flags on fire.

"Guess what, Jason? We will try that in a small town," said activist Rafael Kadaris, a Californian who traveled to Chicago to participate in the demonstration, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Kadaris added, “We will try that in a big city. And we will try it right in front of your concert.”

This was a direct nod to Aldean's song, "Try That in a Small Town," which has been under scrutiny from the left since its release.

The song, introduced to the public in May, saw rapid criticism, especially after the launch of its music video on July 14th.

Many criticized its lyrics and accompanying visuals, seeing undertones that they believed implicitly criticized the Black Lives Matter movements and related protests.

Despite this backlash, Aldean's track soared in popularity, clinching the top spot on iTunes.

Aldean Responds to Controversy

Mere days after the release of his music video, Aldean took to social media platforms to clarify his stance on "Try That in a Small Town."

He expressed, "I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous."