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Concerns Mount Among Dems Over Biden's Campaign, Replacement Discussions Gain Steam

 July 1, 2024

There are growing concerns within the Democratic Party regarding Joe Biden's capability to continue his presidential campaign, with some suggesting potential replacement candidates.

Despite these concerns, the Biden campaign asserts there are no plans for Biden to step down, while Trump supporters -- including RNC co-chair Lara Trump -- highlight the former president's strong polling and perceived leadership qualities, painting a challenging picture for the incumbent, as Fox News reports

Lara Trump Criticizes Harris's Polling Numbers

Lara Trump highlighted these concerns during an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures, following Joe Biden's shaky debate performance.

She noted that some Democrats are worried about Biden's ability to continue, especially in light of the recent debate.

Lara Trump pointed out that Vice President Kamala Harris is polling similarly or worse than Biden in some cases.

"Kamala Harris polls just about as bad, if not worse in a lot of cases, than Joe Biden. And so they have a huge problem on their hands," she said.

This polling data has led to speculation about potential replacements for Biden. Names that have been suggested include California Gov. Gavin Newsom, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Harris.

Potential Replacements and Democratic Concerns

Lara Trump argued that replacing Biden with someone other than Harris would undermine the democratic process. "Millions of Americans came out in those primaries and voted for Joe Biden to be their nominee on the Democrat side," she emphasized.

She stressed that plugging in someone else at this stage would be a significant breach of democratic norms.

Following last Thursday’s debate, some Democrats have expressed concerns about Biden’s performance. There have been calls within the party for Biden to step aside in favor of another prominent figure.

However, the Biden campaign maintains that there are no plans for him to step down.

Biden Campaign Stands Firm

The Biden campaign insists that Biden will continue his campaign and plans to participate in the next debate with Trump. This position aims to reassure supporters and address the concerns raised by some within the party.

Lara Trump highlighted Donald Trump's perceived leadership qualities and improvements during his presidency. "Donald Trump is the only leader who was on that stage. Donald Trump is the only way we get this country back," she stated.

Trump's Leadership and Public Perception

Lara Trump underscored the improvements in national security, economic conditions, and international standing during Trump's presidency. She argued that these factors contribute to the strong support Trump is currently receiving in the polls.

"We had four years of Donald Trump. We know how secure our borders were. We know how much more money people had in their pockets, how much cheaper it was to go buy gas, how much safer we felt on the world stage when Donald Trump was there, and people want him back in office," she said.


The ongoing concerns within the Democratic Party about Joe Biden's ability to continue his presidential campaign have led to discussions about potential replacements.

Despite these concerns, the Biden campaign remains firm that there are no plans for Biden to step down. Lara Trump emphasized the strong polling and perceived leadership qualities of Donald Trump, framing the upcoming election as a critical moment for the country.

In summary, the Democratic Party faces significant internal debates about the future of Biden's campaign, while Trump supporters are rallying behind their candidate, underscoring the high stakes of the upcoming election.