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Cotton Backs Trump on 2020 Election Stance in New Interview

 May 6, 2024

In a recent televised discussion, Sen. Tom Cotton supported some of former President Donald Trump's assertions about the 2020 presidential election.

During an ABC News sit-down, Cotton addressed Trump's statements on the election and speculated on future political appointments, as the Daily Wire reports.

On This Week, Cotton spoke with Jonathan Karl about various topics surrounding the upcoming elections and Trump’s past presidency. The conversation included Cotton's candidacy as a possible vice president under Trump.

Cotton expressed his disinterest in openly campaigning for the vice-presidential spot. He stated that his primary focus was on securing a victory for the Republican party in both the presidential race and Congress.

He also highlighted that any decisions regarding his or anyone else's role in a future Trump administration would be determined post-election.

Cotton Clarifies Role in Election and Constitutional Limits

Cotton was clear on the constitutional boundaries concerning the election process. He mentioned that neither Congress nor the vice president has the power to reject electoral votes, a point of contention during the Jan. 6 Capitol unrest.

Despite this, he supported Trump's actions on that day, noting that Trump had urged the rioters to stand down, which contrasts with the chaotic scenes widely broadcasted.

This adherence to constitutional norms underscores Cotton’s stance on legal processes and election integrity.

Allegations of Election Unfairness Discussed

Cotton agreed with Trump’s assertions that the 2020 election faced undue influence. He criticized changes in election laws, media bias, and the handling of information concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop, which they claimed contributed to an unfair election environment.

During his interview, Cotton was vocal about his views, “Jon, he says, and I agree, that the election was not fair, and it was rigged in many ways with Democratic states and cities changing election law and election practices up to the last minute,” he explained.

He also lamented the role of the media and certain intelligence operatives in portraying the election unfavorably against Trump, which he described as deeply unfair practices.

Future Focus and Electoral Strategy

“What Donald Trump is focused on is winning this election,” Cotton stated in the interview. He emphasized the collective goal of the Republican party to regain control of both the presidency and Congress.

His remarks suggest a strategic alignment with Trump, focusing on a broader Republican victory rather than individual political ambitions or intra-party competition.

Cotton concluded, “When he’s ready to make his decision about vice president, he will. Afterwards, he’ll make his decision about the cabinet. Until then, anyone out campaigning for the job or pushing for the job is not helpful to what we should all be focused on, which is winning the election.”

Conclusion and Summary of Key Points

In conclusion, Sen. Tom Cotton’s interview with ABC News highlighted his support for Donald Trump’s views on the 2020 election and his focus on the future political landscape.

Cotton endorsed the idea that the election was influenced by last-minute legal changes and media bias, supported Trump’s directives during the January 6 events, and dismissed the notion of campaigning for a vice-presidential role.

His remarks are aimed at fostering unity and focus within the Republican party towards a victory in upcoming elections.