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Country Singer Zach Bryan apologizes after being arrested in Oklahoma

 September 10, 2023

Country music singer Zach Bryan has openly admitted to his mistakes following his arrest in Vinita, Oklahoma, last Thursday, as the Daily Wire reported.

Details Surrounding the Incident

The 27-year-old artist faces an obstruction of investigation charge and was taken to the Craig County Jail at 6:42 p.m. 

He was subsequently released on bail, as reported by the New York Post

Although the details of the underlying events remain unclear, Bryan expressed his regret over the situation on social media.

Addressing his vast audience of 2.8 million on Instagram, Bryan stated, "Today I had an incident with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Emotions got the best of me, and I was out of line in the things I said." 

 He added, "I support law enforcement as much as anyone can, I was just frustrated in the moment, it was unlike me, and I apologize. They brought me to jail, and there is a mug shot of me floating around," 

"Prayers we can all move on from this and prayers people know I'm just trying the best I can, I love you guys and I am truly sorry to the officers," the singer concluded.

Background on Bryan

Bryan, originally from Oologah, Oklahoma, is a U.S. Navy veteran. His musical journey began with simple uploads on YouTube. 

The song "Heading South," inspired by his service in the U.S. Navy, gained viral attention. 

Following his initial success, he launched "DeAnn" in 2019 and "Elisabeth" in 2020, leading up to his last year major-label release, "American Heartbreak."

His recent self-titled album, released just last month, featured a chart-topping hit, "I Remember Everything," in partnership with Kacey Musgraves.

By May 2023, Bryan's rising popularity was cemented when he was honored with the Academy of Country Music Award for New Male Artist of the Year.

Bryan's Humble Roots Amidst Stardom

Despite his soaring career, Bryan has always maintained a humble perspective. He once expressed his bewilderment at the sudden fame he was experiencing. 

During a chat with Joe Rogan in August, he remarked, I never in my life envisioned being a musician, ever. Period. No. And I was thinkin' about it yesterday, how crazy my reality is now."

Bryan stated upon returning to Oklahoma and interacting with locals; he found himself unexpectedly approached in diners by fans wanting pictures. 

He expressed confusion and disbelief at the newfound attention.

The singer said, "I'm like, 'What is going on, man?' There's like 700 people hating me online and I'm like, bro, I didn't mean to f***in' do this. I'm sorry. It's crazy."