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Dean Phillips blames possible Trump 2024 win on journalists who cover for Biden

By Stew Davidson
January 24, 2024

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has highlighted the disconnect between media coverage and voter concerns, emphasizing the threat of a Trump victory and the Democrats' need to address it.

Phillips issued a fervent plea to the media, urging them to focus on the real concerns of American voters. Speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire, just before Tuesday's primary, Phillips expressed frustration with the Democratic Party's current stance and its perceived inability to effectively counter Donald Trump's influence.

He emphasized that understanding voters' genuine concerns is crucial, especially those flocking to Trump's rallies, seeking a leader who listens to them, as The Blaze reported.

Phillips' critique on media and Democratic strategy

During his interaction with reporters, Phillips pointed out a significant gap in the media's approach, stating that journalists were not asking the questions that truly matter to the American people.

His words were a stark reminder of the disconnect between media narratives and the public's priorities.

Phillips insisted that to make meaningful observations and conclusions, journalists must delve deeper, asking insightful and relevant questions.

He told reporters:

You're doing your jobs, but you're not asking the questions Americans give a s*** about.

The congressman's critique extended to the Democratic Party as well.

He highlighted the urgency of recognizing and addressing the reasons behind Donald Trump's sustained support. According to Phillips, the current Democratic strategy, particularly Joe Biden's approach, is not resonating with many voters, a situation that could lead to unfavorable outcomes in upcoming elections.

Insights from a Trump rally

Phillips shared insights from his firsthand experience at a Trump rally in New Hampshire.

He recounted interactions with attendees, noting their hospitality and thoughtfulness.

Surprisingly, many were former supporters of Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders, and some were attending a Trump event for the first time. This encounter underscored the diverse and complex political landscape, where voter sentiments can't be easily categorized or predicted.

Phillips warned:

So, to everybody watching right now: Donald Trump is on a big mission to win, and Joe Biden is going to get creamed. I just wish Democrats would wake up and ensure that at least we give it our best shot because right now I'm afraid we are diluted into a nightmare.

The lawmaker's reservations reveal a deep-seated concern among voters, which he feels is not being adequately addressed by the Democratic Party. His remarks serve as a wake-up call, urging Democrats to re-evaluate their approach and reconnect with the electorate to prevent a potential defeat.

Phillips' standing in the Democratic race

Although considered a long shot for the White House, Phillips' campaign has shown some signs of traction.

Recent polls indicate that he is trailing behind President Joe Biden by a significant margin among likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire. However, his message seems to be resonating with some, as evidenced by a notable endorsement from the New Hampshire Union Leader, the state's largest newspaper.

Phillips' sentiment is one of frustration but also determination.

While acknowledging his underdog status, he continues to voice critical perspectives on the current political dynamics. His comments shed light on the broader challenges facing the Democratic Party and the need for a more effective and resonant approach to politics.

Understanding the political pulse

Phillips' remarks highlight a crucial aspect of political leadership: the importance of understanding and addressing the concerns of voters.

By engaging directly with individuals at a Trump rally, Phillips gained valuable insights into the fears and motivations of a significant segment of the electorate. This experience reinforces the need for politicians to step out of their echo chambers and connect with voters from all backgrounds.

Recognizing the underlying fear and discontent among voters is a crucial step in formulating a political strategy that resonates.

Phillips' approach of direct engagement and his willingness to listen to different perspectives exemplify the kind of leadership that could bridge divides and address the real issues facing Americans today.


  • Rep. Dean Phillips highlights the disconnect between media coverage and voter concerns, emphasizing the need for the Democratic Party to address the threat of a Donald Trump victory.
  • Phillips criticizes the media for not focusing on issues that matter to American voters, urging journalists to ask more insightful and relevant questions.
  • The congressman also criticizes the Democratic Party's current strategy, particularly Joe Biden's approach, for not resonating with voters and potentially leading to unfavorable outcomes in upcoming elections.
  • Phillips shares insights from a Trump rally in New Hampshire, noting the diverse political backgrounds of attendees, including former Obama and Sanders supporters, and emphasizes the complexity of voter sentiments.