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Dean Phillips takes 21% of vote from Biden in New Hampshire

By Mandy Donalds
January 25, 2024

Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03) has pledged to continue his political campaign following a noteworthy performance in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Phillips, competing against self-help author Marianne Williamson, secured approximately 21% of the vote, as the Daily Mail reported.

This primary was unique as the Democratic National Committee chose to prioritize South Carolina over New Hampshire, leaving only Phillips and Williamson as named candidates on the ballot in the Granite State.

Phillips' Response to Biden's Win

After the polls closed, major news outlets like CNN and The Associated Press promptly declared President Joe Biden the winner, primarily due to a successful write-in effort by his supporters.

Despite this, Phillips remained undeterred. "Joe Biden is a good man. He is a fine man. Yes, he is everybody," he acknowledged, countering a supporter's disagreement.

Phillips emphasized, "He's our president. But I've gotta tell you, everyone, he cannot win. The polls are saying he cannot win, his approval numbers are saying he can't win."

He further highlighted his unexpected success: "an unknown congressman from Minnesota," capturing a significant 21%.

Philips asked the crowd, "So I'm here, to say are you ready to keep this baby going?"

Continuing the Campaign Trail

The Minnesota congressman, only 10 weeks into his campaign, expressed his astonishment at the traction gained in such a short time.

"And we just won 20 percent tonight and nobody knew who we were 10 weeks ago," he said.

With a confident outlook, he added, "So I've gotta say man if we had 20 weeks, watch the heck out!" Phillips plans to carry this momentum to South Carolina for the upcoming Democratic primary and then to Michigan.

Emphasizing his approachable campaign style, Phillips remarked, "I don't have a prepared speech on a teleprompter. We're not that kind of campaign. I answer questions. I like the press, believe it or not. I'll do debates, I do town halls, I show up and walk through the snow and I meet all of you."

Acknowledging Competitors and the Road Ahead

Phillips acknowledged the outcome of the write-in campaign, conceding that President Biden had emerged victorious.

He expressed his respect for Biden despite observing that the win didn't reflect the strength typically seen from an incumbent president.

In addition, Phillips recognized Marianne Williamson for her commitment and thought-provoking ideas despite limited media coverage.

He also took a moment to applaud Nikki Haley for her determination to continue her race against Donald Trump, emphasizing the importance of her efforts in the current political landscape.

Philips said, "I think having her in the race and me in the race could be the most important decisions for both of us in our lifetimes."